path-, patho-, -path-, -pathia, -pathic, -pathology, -pathetic, -pathize, -pathy

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception; suffering, disease, or disorder; a system of treating diseases)

In medicine, some of these elements usually mean "someone who suffers from a disease of, or one who treats a disease"; so, they should not be confused with the words that mean "feeling" which are also shown on these pages even though both meanings come from the same Greek element.

theopathetic (adjective)
1. Related to the sympathetic passive feeling excited by the contemplation of God; susceptibility to this feeling.
2. A reference to the sensitiveness or responsiveness to divine influence; pious sentiment.
3. Descriptive of a religious emotion or excitement caused by thinking about God.
theopathy (s) (noun), theopathies (pl)
1. An intense or abnormal absorption in matters pertaining to God.
2. Sympathetic passive feeling excited by the contemplation of God; susceptibility to this feeling; sensitiveness or responsiveness to divine influences; pious sentiment.
Any disorder of the thorax or of the thoracic organs or tissues.
A general term for any disorder of the coagulating mechanism that results from dysfunction of the blood platelets.
A nonspecific term applied to disorders of blood platelets.
A general term for morbidity of the mood tone.
1. Any disease of the thymus (a ductless, glandlike organ situated in the upper thorax near the throat).
2. Relating to or caused by a disease of the thymus.
A disorder of the thyroid gland.
A disease of the tonsil.
Disease caused by the action of a poison or toxin; especially chronic poisoning.
Any disease of the trachea.
tracheopathy, tracheopathia
Any disease of the trachea.
traumatic encephalopathy, boxer's encephalopathy (s); traumatic encephalopathies, boxer's encephalopathies (pl) (nouns)
A syndrome due to cumulative punishment absorbed in the boxing ring, characterized by the general slowing of mental functions, occasional bouts of confusion, and scattered memory loss.
traumatopathy (s), traumatopathies (pl) (nouns)
Any medical condition resulting from wounds or injuries: "The the doctors were treating a man with traumatopathies as a consequence of a violent confrontation with someone in front of a store last evening."

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