path-, patho-, -path-, -pathia, -pathic, -pathology, -pathetic, -pathize, -pathy

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception; suffering, disease, or disorder; a system of treating diseases)

In medicine, some of these elements usually mean "someone who suffers from a disease of, or one who treats a disease"; so, they should not be confused with the words that mean "feeling" which are also shown on these pages even though both meanings come from the same Greek element.

Disease of the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. Also known as myeloradiculopathy.
Disease of the spinal nerve roots and nerves.
1. Disease of spinal nerve roots.
2. A type of pain felt in the extremities (most commonly the arms or legs) along the course of spinal nerve roots.

Inflammation or compression of the spinal nerve from conditions; such as, stenosis or a herniated disc can trigger radicular pain.

If a cervical condition is causing radiculopathy; for example, cervical stenosis, it can cause arm, neck, and shoulder pain.

If a lumbar condition is the cause; that is, a lumbar herniated disc, it can cause leg pain and sciatica or pain that results from irritation of the sciatic nerve which is the largest nerve in the body that begins in the lumbar spinal cord in the lower back (sacrum) and extends through the buttocks area, sending nerve endings down through the legs and knees.

A rarely used term for nephropathy, a disease of the kidneys.
1. Any disease of the retina.
2. A noninflammatory degenerative disease of the retina.
Any disease of the nose.
A reference to antisocial behavior or to antisocial personality disorders.
A personality disorder characterized by continuous and chronic antisocial behavior in which the rights of others or generally accepted social norms are violated.

Associated personality traits include impulsiveness, egocentricity, inability to tolerate boredom or frustration, irritability and aggressiveness, recklessness, disregard for truth, and the inability to maintain consistent, responsible functioning at work, at school, or as a parent.

A morbid condition resulting from exposure to sunlight.
Any disease of the body.
somnipathy (s) (noun), somnipathies (pl)
1. Sleep that occurs when one individual has an influence on another person, or which is received by anyone from another, and the effects thus produced, as seen in hypnotism, and in yawning, or by the process of mesmerism.
2. A disturbance of sleep or any physical or mental disorder of sleep.
Any disease of the semen or spermatozoa.
Any disease process of the abdominal viscera.
Any disease of the spleen.
spondyloarthropathy (s) (noun), spondyloarthropathies (pl)
Joint and spine diseases, normally effecting the lower limbs or legs and often accompanied by pain and a limited range of movements in the related limbs: Esther found it difficult to sit comfortably because of the spondyloarthropathy in her legs and spine which were stiff and hurting.

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