path-, patho-, -path-, -pathia, -pathic, -pathology, -pathetic, -pathize, -pathy

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception; suffering, disease, or disorder; a system of treating diseases)

In medicine, some of these elements usually mean "someone who suffers from a disease of, or one who treats a disease"; so, they should not be confused with the words that mean "feeling" which are also shown on these pages even though both meanings come from the same Greek element.

Study of diseases of the finger and/or toe nails.
Any disease of the fingernails and toenails.
Any disease of the eyes; also oculopathy.
Disease of the testes.
Any disease of the testis.
A disease associated with some structural change of an organ or tissue in the body.
The treatment of illness or disease without the use of drugs.
osteoarthropathy (s) (noun), osteoarthropathies (pl)
A diseased condition affecting the joints, both hard and soft connecting tissue; such as, the linings of the moving links: As he aged, Mary's friend, Leon, was feeling the debilitating results of osteoarthropathy which was causing pain in his knees, hands, shoulders, and elbows.
The science of bone diseases.
1. Disease or affection of the bones.
2. A theory of disease and method of cure founded on the assumption that deformation of some part of the skeleton and consequent interference with the adjacent nerves and blood-vessels are the cause of most diseases.
Any disease of the ears.
Any disease of the ovaries.
oxypathia (s) (noun), oxypathias (pl)
1. Unusual acuity of sensation: oxyesthesia: In his old age, George developed oxypathia and had to wear gloves most of the time because his sense of touch was often painful.
2. An acute condition of sensitiveness regarding sight or pain: Floyd's doctor told him that he was experiencing oxypathia in that he was extremely sensitive to daylight, and recommended wearing sunglasses when outside, even when it seemed to be cloudy.
3. A condition in which the body is unable to eliminate unoxidizable acids which combine with fixed alkalies of the tissues: The case of oxypathia, also termed oxypathy, is harmful for the organism.

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