(Greek > Latin: a suffix that is used to form hundreds of words that mean: similar to, resembling, like, characterized by, or of the nature of)

This element is also utilized to form abstract nouns; feminine common nouns; and it is used in chemistry to form names of alkaloids and bases or names of elements.

platyrrhine, platyrhine: flat-nose monkey
1. In zoology, a monkey belonging to the infraorder Platyrrhini of the order Primates, distinguished by a flattened nose with widely separated nostrils facing outwards and including most of the New World monkeys.
2. Of or pertaining to this group of monkeys which have the nose, or the nasal bones, flat or broad; a platyrrhine person or skull.
ponerine: ants
1. Of, or pertaining to, or designating ants of the subfamily Ponerin, which includes mainly tropical species.
2. A ponerine ant.
porcine: swine, pig, hog
1. Of or consisting of swine; related to or resembling the swine (pigs and hogs).
2. Resembling or suggesting a hog, like that of a hog (in appearance, manners, or character); swinish, hoggish, piggish.
pristine (adjective), more pristine, most pristine
1. A reference to being in or belonging to an original status: Bert's car is ten years old, but it is still in pristine condition with no rust or dents anywhere!
2. So clean and neat as to look as good as new: The house was in pristine condition, because it has been completely renovated; so, the couple decided to buy it.
3. Pertaining to not yet being ruined by human encroachment: Close to where Mike lives, there are some pristine forests that have not been harmed by loggers.
Unspoiled and unpolluted, primitive.
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Referring to the earliest time or condition.
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procyonine: raccoons
A reference to raccoons and kinkajous.
psittacine: parrots
1. A reference to parrots.
2. Of or belonging to a parrot or to the parrot family (parrots, parakeets, macaws, and pudgerigars); figuratively, parrot-like.
pteropine: bats
A reference to bats.
pulicine: fleas
Of or relating to fleas.
quercine: oak
Of or pertaining to the oak; made of oak, oaken.
ralline: marsh bird
A reference to rails (a small brownish marsh bird of the family Rallidae, having long toes and stubby wings adapted only for short flights).
rangerine: reindeer
Resembling the reindeer.
rangiferine: caribous, reindeer
A reference to caribous and reindeer.
ranine: frog, frogs
1. Pertaining to a frog; frog-like.
2. In antomy, a reference to the region under the tip of the tongue.
rattine: rat
Pertaining to a rat; rat-like.
rhinocerine, ceratorhine: rhinoceros
1. A reference to rhinoceroses.
2. Characteristic of or resembling a rhinoceros.