(Greek > Latin: a suffix that is used to form hundreds of words that mean: similar to, resembling, like, characterized by, or of the nature of)

This element is also utilized to form abstract nouns; feminine common nouns; and it is used in chemistry to form names of alkaloids and bases or names of elements.

parine: titmice
Belonging to or having the characteristics of the subfamily Parinae of passerine birds (the true titmice).
passerine: jays, blackbirds, finches, warblers, sparrows
Of or relating to birds of the order Passeriformes, which includes perching birds and songbirds; such as, the jays, blackbirds, finches, warblers, and sparrows.
pavonine: peacock
1. A reference to the peacock.
2. Of or pertaining to, resembling or characteristics of a peacock.
3. Resembling the neck or the tail of the peacock in coloring, design, or iridescence.
Applied to birds that build pendulous nests.

Pendulous nests are described as those that are suspended so they swing or sway.

percesocine: barracudas
Of or related to barracudas.
perdicine: partridge
1. Of or related to a partridge.
2. Pertaining to the subfamily Perdicin of the family Phasianidae, of which Perdix, the partridge, is the typical genus.
Pertaining to a petal; situated on a petal; consisting of petals; resembling a petal, petaloid.
phalacrocoracine: cormorants
1. A reference to cormorants.
2. Any of various widely distributed aquatic birds of the genus Phalacrocorax, with dark plumage, webbed feet, a hooked bill, and a distensible pouch.
3. When applied to people, it represents a rapacious or greedy characteristic.
phasianine: pheasants
A reference to pheasants.
Of or pertaining to a Filipino, or to the Philippine Islands.
Philistine, philistine (s) (noun); Philistines, philistines (pl)
1. A smug, ignorant, and especially a middle-class person who is hostile or indifferent to culture and the fine arts, etc.: Adam is a philistine who is contemptuous of poetry, music, and artistic creations and wants nothing to do with them because he considers them to be worthless.

A philistine is an individual who is regarded as being antagonistic or who has a negative attitude regarding the thoughts, tastes, manners, etc. of others.

2. A Philisine was one of a non-Semitic people who lived in the area near the coast of the southeast Mediterranean in ancient times and were often at war with the Israelites: The Philistines, as a seafaring folk, dwelled along the coast of Lebanon and Israel in the region of the Gaza-Ashdid-Jaffa.
3. Etymology: from Late Latin Philistaeus or from Philistaea, "the land of the Philistines" from Greek philistia and from Hebrew Pelesheth.
A person who is indifferent or antagonistic o
towards cultural values.
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phocenine: porpoises
A reference to porpoises.
phocine: seals
1. A reference to seals.
2. Pertaining to the sub-family Phocinae, containing the seals proper.
picine: woodpeckers
A reference to woodpeckers; of, pertaining to, or allied to woodpeckers.
piline: hair
Of the nature of hair, hairy.