grapho-, graph-, -graph, -graphy, -grapher, -graphia

(Greek: to scratch; to write, to record, to draw, to describe; that which is written or described)

As indicated at the bottom of this page, there is a significantly large number of graphic word-entry groups in this unit. Such an extensive listing is provided to show how important the grapho- element is to the English language.

An instrument that measures and records the rate of water discharge from a pipe or an orifice.
1. An apparatus for measuring the pressure or flow of a fluid.
2. An instrument for recording the flow or pressure of a fluid; e.g., the flow of urine or the pressure of spinal fluid.
A description of the pressure and the flow of fluids; such as, the pressure of the spinal fluid or the flow of urine.
A written description of aquatic plants.
hydrosphygmography (s) (noun), hydrosphygmographies (pl)
1. A recording of blood pressure by means of a hydrosphygmograph using water as an index.
2. A sphygmograph in which the pulse beat is transmitted to the recorder through a column of water.

A sphygmograph is an instrument which, when applied over an artery, indicates graphically the movements or character of the pulse.

A chart or graphic representation of the average distribution of rain over the surface of the earth.
A reference to a chart showing the amount of rainfall.
1. Descriptive of a chart, or graph, showing the pattern of rainfall in an area.
2. Characterized by an instrument that automatically collects rain and measures its amount.
The science that deals with the origins, structures, and various other features of all forms of precipitation or rain fall.
1. The branch of meteorology that deals with the distribution and mapping of rainfall.
2. The study of the annual variations and geographic distributions of precipitation.
1. A chart showing the distribution of rainfall over the earth, or any part of it.
2. An instrument used to measure and to record rainfall.
A branch of meteorology that is involved with the measurements of the distributions of rainfall, and of its presentation graphically in charts, maps, etc.
An instrument for automatically registering the variations in air humidity.
The design, construction, and use of hygrographs or any of several forms of automated hygrometers that record humidity; or an instrument that measures the humidity of the air or other gases; especially, the relative humidity.
An instrument that records both temperature and humidity on one graph.

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