auto-, aut-

(Greek: self, same, spontaneous; directed from within)

The process of rock formation in which portions of the first solidified crust of a lava flow are incorporated or mixed into the portion which is still-fluid.
autocall, automatic call origination
1. The automatic dialing of a telephone number by a computer or an automatic calling unit.
2. The automatic placing of a telephone call by a computer or a computer-controlled modem.
A fruit formed as the result of self-fertilization.
autocarpic, autocarpy
A reference to a plant that produces fruit by self-fertilization.
1. A form of psychotherapy in which patients when discussing their own problems gain an insight into their own problems gain an insight into their mental difficulties.
2. Ventilating one's thoughts and feelings as a way of discharging unpleasant reactions and keeping a diary is one such technique.
Catalysis of a reaction by one of its products; also called "autoactivation".
The practice of catheter insertion by the patient rather than by someone else.
Catheterization of oneself, especially urinary catheterization (use or insertion of a tubular device into a duct, blood vessel, hollow organ, or body cavity for injecting or withdrawing fluids for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes).
1. Of a church, having its own head; independent of episcopal or patriarchal jurisdiction, as certain Greek churches are.
2. Of a bishop, subordinate to no superior church authority; self governing.
The state of being autocephalous or having no superior authority; being self-governing.
Spontaneous invagination of the gallbladder into the duodenum with formation of an opening between the two organs.
Spontaneous invagination of the gallbladder into the transverse colon with formation of an opening between the two organs.
autochore (s) (noun), autochores (pl)
A species in which some action of the parent plant is the chief force for dissemination, e.g., the mechanical projection of seeds as the jewelweed.
autochory (s) (noun), autochories (pl)
1. Having movable spores or propagules disseminated by the action of the parent plant itself.
2. Distribution by projection by the species own processes.
autochronograph (s) (noun), autochronographs (pl)
An instrument for the instantaneous self-recording or printing of time: An autochronograph is a rarely used term for a device that can record time instantly.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units dealing with "equal, identical, same, similar": emul-; equ-, equi-; homeo-; homo-; iso-; pari-; peer; rhomb-; syn-; tauto-.