auto-, aut-

(Greek: self, same, spontaneous; directed from within)

autogenous vaccine (s), autogenous vaccines (s) (nouns)
Designating a vaccine which is made from a patient's own micro-organisms.
1. A hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter.
2. The synthesis of chemical compounds or structures in the living organism.
1. Recognition of one's own character, tendencies, and peculiarities; self-knowing.
2. Knowledge of self; especially, the appreciation of one's own emotional conflicts.
1. Recognition of one's own character, tendencies, and peculiarities.
2. Knowledge of or about oneself.
3. Self-knowledge, in particular that which is gained through psychoanalytic interpretation.

Self-discipline is when your conscience tells you to do something and you don't talk back.

—W.K. Hope
Spontaneous generation.
1. A tissue or organ grafted into a new position in or on the body of the same individual.
2. Tissue or an organ transplanted from one site to another within or on the same individual.

Also called: autogenic graft, autologous graft, autoplastic graft, autotransplant, autochthonous graft, autologous graft, and autoplast.

The transplantation of an sutograft; also called: autotransplantation, autoplasty.
The marking of the skin, usually in red, white, or black wheals. It is most often seen after rubbing the skin frimly with a blunted point
autograph (s) (noun), autographs (pl)
1. A person's own signature or handwriting.
2. A manuscript in the author's handwriting.
3. A handwritten signature; especially, the signature of a famous person.
A man is dictating his life story to a stenographer.
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autograph, signature
autograph (AW tuh graf") (noun)
A person's own signature or handwriting: Several people were asking the actor for his autograph.
signature (SIG nuh chuhr) (noun)
A name written in one's own handwriting: Before Freda could deposit her check, she had to write her signature on the back.

The cashier required the singer to put his signature on the check before it could be cashed; however, she next asked Erwin for his autograph on the picture which she had obtained the night before at his concert.

autographer (s) (noun), autographers (pl)
Someone or those who write by hand; self writing.
autographic (adjective), more autographic, most autographic
1. The act of writing something by hand or “self writing”.
2. A copy of a document or text handwritten by its creator.
3. To write one’s signature in something; such as, a book or a photograph.
autogyro (s) (noun), autogyros (pl)
1. An aircraft powered by a conventional propeller and supported in flight by a freewheeling, horizontal rotor that provides lift.
2. An flight machine that has a horizontally rotating propeller on a shaft above the fuselage that provides lift for the machine, with forward propulsion being provided by a conventional propeller; superseded in most applications as a helicopter.
autohagiographer (s) (noun), autohagiographers (pl)
Someone who speaks or writes in a smug or self-aggrandizing way about his or her life or accomplishments.

Said to be coined by Bernard Lewis, professor emeritus at Princeton University.

autohagiography (s) (noun), autohagiographies (pl)
1. A self-aggrandizing writing about one's own life or accomplishments.
2. A "reverently-written" presentation about one's own life and achievements.

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