multi-, mult-

(Latin: much, many; combining form of Latin multus "much, many"; which is related to the Greek mala, "very, very much, exceedingly")

A pregnant woman who has had at least one previous pregnancy or who has been pregnant several times.
multi-infarct dementia
Dementia that is brought on by a series of strokes.
Having many pairs of leaflets.
1. Involving more than two parties or countries.
2. In geometry, having many sides.
multilateral drilling
A standard drilling technique in which several lateral extension are branched out from the main trunk hole.
The principle or belief that several nations should be cooperatively involved in the process of achieving some goal.
multilingual, multilingualism, multilingually
1. Able to speak more than two languages fluently.
2. Written in, expressed in, or using more than two languages.
multilobar, multilobular
Having many or numerous lobes.
multiloquacious (adjective), more multiloquacious, most multiloquacious
Regarding a person who talks very much; very talkative; loquacious: Frank's girlfriend was quite multiloquacious because she loved to chatter with anybody, even in different languages!
Talking a great deal; talkative.
Loquacious, gabby; excessive talking.
The condition of having more than two breasts.
1. Programs, software, and hardware capable of using a wide variety of media; such as, films, videos, and music as well as text and numbers.
2. Relating to or using two or more media, especially a combination apprehended by different senses; such as sight and hearing.
multimedia exposure
The fact of being exposed to the same toxic substance from multiple sources; such as, air, water, soil, and food.
An instrument that reads and measures the values of several different electrical parameters; such as, current, voltage, and resistance.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "more, plentiful, fullness, excessive, over flowing": copi-; exuber-; hyper-; opulen-; ple-; pleio-; plethor-; poly-; super-; total-; ultra-; undu-.