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aerial (adjective), more aerial, most aerial
1. A reference to something that involves aircraft: The invading country made uncountable aerial attacks on building and on the civilians.
2. Relating to something that lives, happens, or moves in the air: From their spot on the shore, Jill and Mark watched the seagulls swirling around like in an aerial presentation for the tourists!.
3. Consisting of, typical of, or relating to the air: Jane was interested in taking some aerial photos and videos of her town for her next oral assignment in her class at school.
4. Regarding the part of a plant thriving above ground: Mr. Thompson showed his students some plants that had aerial roots which were not growing in the ground, but in the air above the soil.
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aerial root (s) (noun), aerial roots (pl)
A root that develops from a location or a plant above the surface of the earth or water, as from a stem: Some orchids, for example, have aerial roots that grow from their stems and absorb water directly from the air, and mangrove trees are noted for having aerial roots, too.
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multirole aerial target
A programmable, or remote-controlled, airborne target that is designed to simulate enemy aircraft as well as missiles.
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A reference to air or atmosphere; subaerial conditions or processes on land, because of being directly under the atmosphere.
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A reference to activities which take place in flight; that is, in the air.
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