crypto-, crypt-

(Greek: hidden, secret, secrets, secret writing; by extension, applied to secret code or ciphers)

Of unknown, indeterminate, or obscure cause or origin.
cryptogenic tetanus
Tetanus in which the site of the entry of the organism is not known.
cryptogram (s) (noun), cryptograms (pl)
1. A piece of secret writing; anything written in cipher, or in such a form or order that a key is required in order to know how to understand and put the letters together.
2. A written code in which the letters of a text of a communication are replaced with others according to a secret system.
A reference something that has been written in code or cipher.
1. Referring to a symbol with a secret meaning or significance.
2. Descriptive of a message, text, or communication written so as to conceal its meaning with the use of some form of code.
cryptograph (s) (noun), cryptographs (pl)
1. A message or writing in code or cipher.
2. A machine for writing or deciphering encoded messages.
Someone who specializes in the science or study of secret writing.
1. A reference to the science or study of secret writing, especially code and cipher systems.
2. Characterized by the procedures and methods of making and using secret languages; such as, codes or ciphers.
cryptography (s) (noun), cryptographies (pl)
1. The science or study of hidden writing; especially, unknown codes and ciphers: The objective of cryptography is to prevent information from falling into the hands of those who would use it against us.
2. The procedures and methods of making and using secret languages: If a new word for cryptography were to be invented today, it would probably be "secret communications."
A man is trying to interpret a cryptographic message.
A spy is deciphering a coded message.

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A nonapparent, latent, or hidden infection.
A reference to a form of secret speech.
cryptolinguism (s) (noun), cryptolinguisms (pl)
The special language used in the analysis of codes and coding methods and the composition of coded or secret messages.

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "secret, hidden, confidential, concealed": ceal-; clandesti-; myster-; occult-; orgy; stego-, stegano-.