crypto-, crypt-

(Greek: hidden, secret, secrets, secret writing; by extension, applied to secret code or ciphers)

A secret ruler.
cryptarchy (s) (noun), cryptarchies (pl)
A secret government or governments that rule secretly.
In medicine, excision of a crypt a hidden pit or tube in a body.
cryptesthesia, cryptaesthesia (s) (noun); cryptesthesias; cryptaesthesias (pl)
1. The power of perceiving without a sensory mechanism; clairvoyance: Mike, the magician, used his powers of cryptesthesia to fool the audience into believing that he knew their secrets.
2. A general term for clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other types of paranormal cognition in which the sensory stimulus is unknown: In the darkened room, Ms. Arcotti was experiencing cryptesthesia as she sensed a shiver going down her spine because she was convinced there were spirits in the room.
cryptesthetic (adjective), more cryptesthetic, most cryptesthetic
A reference to a subconscious perception of occurrences not ordinarily perceptible to the physical senses: Clairvoyance, or the power of discerning objects or matters not present in the normal senses, is an example of cryptesthetic experiences claimed by some people.
cryptic (adjective), more cryptic, most cryptic
1. Deliberately mysterious and seeming to have a hidden meaning: The letter from Susan's boyfriend was written in a cryptic way so that only she could understand it!
2. Referring to an indirect solution or clue; such as, crosswords, riddles, or anagrams: The puzzle book that Jack got as a Christmas present from his parents began with easy sudoku to solve, then preceding to the most challenging and cryptic brain-teasers.
3. Secret or hidden in some way: The little group of children decided that they needed a cryptic place for their confidential meetings, so they could talk about their plans without anyone listening to them.
4. Relating to codes and similar techniques: David created a cryptic system of writing so he could communicate with his friends in a secret way.
5. In zoology, used to describe body markings and color that camouflage an animal: Among birds, the female hummingbirds have more cryptic patterns and shades on their bodies than males in order to make it difficult for predators to see their nests during the time of incubation and when feeding their offspring.
Mysterious, hidden, secret.
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Concealed, mysterious, secret.
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cryptid (s) (noun), cryptids (pl)
Hidden animals that apparently begin life in modern times as blurry photographs, grainy videos, and countless stories about strange things that go bump in the night: Cryptids come in many forms including lake monsters, sea serpents, giant octopi, snakes, birds, and even living dinosaurs.
In medicine, inflammation of a crypt or follicle, especially an anal crypt.
Organisms that are typically hidden or concealed in crevices or under stones.
1. The condition in which all external signs of metabolic activity are absent from a dormant organism.
2. Latent life; the state of an organism showing no visible signs of life.
3. The condition of an organism that must in theory have at one time existed, but that has left no fossil traces.
4. A state in which the signs of life of an organism have weakened to the point where they are barely measurable or no longer measurable.
A reference to organisms that are typically hidden or concealed in crevices or under stones.
An animal with concealed or covered branchiae or gills.
Having the gills concealed; specifically, applied to certain divisions of crustacea, gastropods, etc.
The fruit of certain sea-weeds, also called cystocarp; having the fruit or fruiting organs concealed.

A cross reference of other word family units that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "secret, hidden, confidential, concealed": ceal-; clandesti-; myster-; occult-; orgy; stego-, stegano-.