acro-, acr-

(Greek: high, highest, highest point; top, tip end, outermost; extreme; extremity of the body)

Facing towards the apex, opposite of basiscopic.
1. A structure at the end of a sperm cell that releases enzymes to digest the cell membrane of an egg, enabling the sperm to penetrate and enter the egg for fertilization.
2. Body at the apex of spermatozoon; apical body; perforatorium.
3. A cytoplasmic cap-like structure on the front of a spermatozoan (sperm; a mature male germ cell).
The first shoot or sprout, being spiral, at the end of a germinating seed.
A tumor of the distal dermal segment of a sweat gland.
acrospore (s) (noun), acrospores (pl)
The very small unit in fungi, usually unicellular, that propagates at the tip of a fungal threadlike filament.
Painful inflammation of the bones of the hands and feet.
1. A number of lines of writing, especially a poem or word puzzle, in which particular letters, e.g., the first, in each line spell a word or phrase.
2. A short poem (or other composition) in which the initial letters of the lines, taken in order, spell a word, phrase, or sentence. Sometimes the last or middle letters of the lines, or all of them, are similarly arranged to spell words, etc., whence a distinction of single, double, or triple acrostics.
3. A verse or arrangement of words in which certain letters in each line; such as, the first or last, when taken in order spell out a word, motto, etc.
4. A Hebrew poem in which the consecutive lines or verses begin with the successive letters of the alphabet.
Situated in the highest rank or row; referring to certain bristles on the mesonotum of muscoid flies.
Resembling the beginnings of lines of poetry.
The method of acrostics; acrostichal arrangement or character.
A paraphilia (sexual deviation or sexual perversion) in which sexual arousal is dependent on the sexual partner having an amputated stump.
acrosyndesis (noun), acrosyndeses (pl)
In genetics, a pairing activity of homologous chromosomes at meiosis that involves the terminal portions of the chromosomes.
Among Ecclesiastical writers, the end of a verse or psalm, or something added thereto to be sung by the people.

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