acro-, acr-

(Greek: high, highest, highest point; top, tip end, outermost; extreme; extremity of the body)

acrocephalopolysyndactylism (s) (noun), acrocephalopolysyndactylisms (pl)
An inherited disorder that includes abnormalities of the skull, face, hands, and feet: "A person's acrocephalopolysyndactylism starts with closure of some sutures of the skull and results in a tall peaked head, shallow eye sockets, and undeveloped cheekbones."

"The development of acrocephalopolysyndactylism also results in fingers and toes are fused and the thumbs and the big toes have overly broad ends."

acrocephalopolysyndactyly (s) (noun), acrocephalopolysyndactylies (pl)
Any of four heritable malformation syndromes recognizable at birth and characterized by premature craniosynostosis, syndactyly, and polydactyly; also: acrocephalopolysyndactylia.
acrocephalosyndactylia (s) (noun), acrocephalosyndactylias (pl)
Craniostenosis characterized by acrocephaly and syndactyly (fusion of fingers and toes), probably occurring as an autosomal dominant trait and usually as a new mutation.

Acrocephalosyndactylia refers to the premature closure of "cranial sutures" resulting in malformation of the skull. The cranial sutures refer to a type of fibrous joint between the bones of the head.

Excessive motility; abnormal freedom of movement; also acrokinesia, acrokinesis.
acrocontracture (s) (noun), acrocontractures (pl)
A condition of shortening and hardening of muscles, tendons, or other tissue, often leading to deformity and rigidity as a result of spasms or the thickening and scarring of connective tissue, usually because of an injury or because of the lack of muscular balance of the joints of the hands or feet.
acrocyanosis (s) (noun), acrocyanoses (pl)
A circulatory disorder in which the hands, and less commonly the feet, are continually cold and blue: "Acrocyanosis is a condition in which the fingers and wrists of the hands and feet are blue or with a red discoloration of the skin of the fingers and wrists with excessive sweating and coldness of the fingers and toes because of inadequate circulation of the blood."

acrodendrophilous (adjective), more acrodendrophilous, most acrodendrophilous
A description of creatures that live in treetop areas.
acrodermatitis (s) (noun); acrodermatitises, acrodermatitides (pl)
Inflammation involving the skin of the extremities; such as, the hands and feet.
acrodermatosis (s) (noun), acrodermatoses (pl)
Any disease involving the skin of the hands or feet.

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