-ation, -ization (-iz[e] + -ation); -isation (British spelling variation)

(Greek > Latin: a suffix; action, act, process, state, or condition; or result of doing something)

Although there are over 1,450 word entries ending with -ation or -ization listed in this unit, there are certainly many more which exist in the English language. At any rate, this unit provides a significant number of -ation and -ization examples for you to see.

amalgamation pan (s) (noun), amalgamation pans (pl)
An iron container in which precious metal ores can be ground with water and further treated with mercury and chemicals until extractions of the metals are completed; used especially, formerly, to separate gold from its ore: Before all the fancy terminology and processes, the early gold miners used a shallow pan, the precursor to the amalgamation pan, and utilized water to separate gold from the rocks and gravel.
amalgamation table, amalgamation plate (s) (noun); amalgamation tables, amalgamation plates (pl)
A flat metal surface on which mercury is spread so it will bind with gold particles as gold-bearing ore is washed over it: The miners were required to wear face masks when working near the amalgamation table because of the chemical process that was being used.
ambulation (s) (noun), ambulations (pl)
To go from here to there by using the feet in motion: The elderly man's daily ambulations helped to keep him in better physical condition.
1. To make or to become better; to improve.
2. Changes that take place in languages so word meanings are more acceptable or so they have more respectable meanings. Synonym: melioration.
amortization, amortisation
1. The reduction of a debt by making payments with regular transfers or installments, or the money used for this.
2. Payment of an obligation in a series of installments or transfers.
3. The reduction of the value of an asset by prorating its cost over a period of years.
The treatment of a fractured clavicle by an apparatus which fixes the shoulder and embraces the chest and neck.
amplitude modulation, AM (s) (noun), amplitude modulations (pl)
The deliberate processing of a carrier signal which is used in ordinary radio and TV broadcasting: The amplitude modulation varies in accordance with the level of the modulating signal while transmitting the video portion of a television signal.

Variation of the amplitude modulation of a carrier wave, commonly a radio wave, presents fluctuations in the audio or video signals that are being transmitted.

A higher amplitude modulation wave is interpreted as a "1" and a normal wave is interpreted as a zero.

The method of changing an amplitude modulation is known as "amplitude shift keying", or ASK.

amputation (s) (noun), amputations (pl)
1. The surgical removal of all or sections of an arm, a leg, an organ, or another part of the body: While cutting the hedge with an electric trimmer, Margarete had a terrible accident and an amputation of her hand had to be performed by a surgeon.
2. Traumatic or spontaneous loss of a limb, organ, or part: The most common indication for an amputation of an upper jointed appendage is severe trauma and it may be the result of a cancerous growth, infection, or gangrene.
The doctors amputated the patient's arm.
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anaesthetization, anesthetization (s) (noun); anaesthetizations; anesthetizations (pl)
1. The process of rendering insensible with the use of medications: The administration of drugs, during surgery, labor, and delivery, or other medical procedures that does away with pain, is known as anaesthetization.
2. The process or provision of medications that is designed to render the recipient insensible: Rex seemed to be afraid of having an operation, but Dr. Sparks assured him that the anesthetization would make it possible to perform the surgery and he wouldn't feel any pain and he would wake up feeling better.
anathematization, anathematisation (s); anathematizations, anathematisations (pl) (nouns)
1. The formal act of pronouncing (someone or something) accursed.
2. Rejection by means of an act of banishing or proscribing (excluding) someone.
Excessive androgen production in the female or the clinical state of virilization resulting from it or from the administration of androgen.
angulation (ANG-you-lay-shun) (s) (noun), angulations (pl)
1. The act of making something have sides or edges: If a child is given a pair of scissors and piece of paper, it is only a matter of time before the angulation of its shape will be done.
2. The general name for several movement patterns that create physical positions in the skier's body at certain joints when viewed in the frontal plane: Knee angulation performs the important function of adjusting the ski's edges and positions for better skiing.
angustation (s) (noun), angustations (pl)
Something that is narrow or contracted.
1. Shortness and rapidity of breathing, panting.
2. Difficult respiration, dyspnea.
anhydration (s) (noun), anhydrations (pl)
A lack of water in the system: After a long hike in the desert, Alfred appeared to be suffering from anhydration and needed to drink lots of water.