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act (s) (noun), acts (pl)
1. Something that is done or a deed that is performed: Sam expressed an act of kindness when he saw a homeless woman and offered to get her a hamburger and a drink from a sandwich shop.

Hank did a series of acts of kindness for the poor woman who lived next door.

2. A process of doing certain things: The neighbor's son was caught in three acts of stealing.
3. The main divisions of a play or an opera: The drama that the audience attended had five acts.
4. Displays of affected or pretended behavior: Sharon is not really angry. She has been putting on these acts just to get attention.
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act (verb), acts; acted; acting
1. To do something; to exert energy or some force; to be employed or operative: Henry acted promptly in helping the people in the auto accident.
2. To reach, to make, or to issue a decision on some matter: The members congregated to act on the bill.
3. To operate or function in a particular way; to perform specific duties or functions: Shirley was acting as a child's substitute mother until her parents were able to return home.
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(Greek > Latin: a suffix; action, act, process, state, or condition; or result of doing something)
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1. Being in physical motion; such as, active fish in the aquarium.
2. Functioning or capable of functioning.
3. In grammar, idicating that the subject of the sentence is performing or causing the action expressed by the verb.

Referring to a verb form or voice; used with verbs; such as, run, speak, and move: "I run, You run, He, She, It runs."

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(A suffix forming nouns meaning: quality or condition: partnership; act, power, or skill: workmanship; relation between: friendship; office, position, or occupation: governorship; number: readership)
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bail reform act
An original act passed in 1966 to assure that bail practices would be revised to ensure that everyone, regardless of his/her financial status, will not needlessly be detained to answer criminal charges.

It gave judges and magistrates greater autonomy to decide conditions under which bail would be granted or denied; however, it does not mean that every one is entitled to bail regardless of the alleged offense.

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