acid-, acidi-, acido-, -acidity

(Latin: sour [sharp])

acidophobia (s) (noun), acidophobias (pl)
In botany, the intolerance of some plants to exist in acidic soils: The acidophobia of some flora means that they can only survive and grow in soil having some lime or by having fertilizers containing calcium and nitrogen.
acidophobic (adjective), more acidophobic, most acidophobic
A reference to plants which cannot grow in acidic situations: Examples of acidophobic vegetation include alfalfa and clover, which are grown for fodder.
acidophoby (s) (noun) (no pl)
The intolerance of an organism thriving successfully in an acidic environment: Most plants like acidic soil, but acidophoby is seen in others, like ferns and asparagus, which do best in soil that is neutral or with little alkaline.
acidosis (s) (noun), acidoses (pl)
1. A condition of the blood in which the alkali reserve is lower than normal: Acidosis occurs when the amount of pH is low and means that a person's blood is more acidic. A higher pH level indicates that the blood of an individual is more basic.
2. An abnormal increase in the acidity of bodily fluids: Acidosis is due to either acid accumulation or bicarbonate depletion.

Strictly speaking, the term "acidemia" would be more appropriate to describe the state of low blood pH, reserving acidosis to describe the processes leading to these states, however most physicians use the terms interchangeably.

Too much acid in the body is a distinctly abnormal condition resulting from the accumulation of acid or from the depletion of alkaline reserves.

In acidosis, the pH of the blood is abnormally low and is associated with diabetic "ketoacidosis", lung diseas, and severe kidney disease.

The opposite of acidosis is alkalosis in which the pH factor is too high due to an excess base or insufficient acid in the body.

acidotic (adjective), more acidotic, most acidotic
A reference to or characterized by a high concentration of hydrogen-ions in a person's blood: When Jane went to her doctor for a blood test, he told her that her blood became acidotic caused by an imbalance of electrolytes and could result in her body developing an excess of fluid, elevated blood pressure, and weak bones, among other ailments, if not treated immediately.
acidotrophic (adjective) (not comparable)
Regarding an organism that feeds on acidic food or acidic substances. The book Janet was reading described acidotrphic creatures that ate acidic substances in an acidic environment.
acidulate (verb), acidulates; acidulated; acidulating
To make somewhat acid or sour; to flavor with an acid: The pieces of lemon acidulated the water and gave it a fresh taste.
acidulated (adjective), more acidulated, most acidulated
Concerning the addition of acid in cooking: The drink "Dark and Stormy" was made quite tangy with acidulated lime juice in combination with rum, ice cubes, and nonalcoholic ginger beer.
acidulation (s) (noun), acidulations (pl)
The action or process of making something acid: In the procedure of acidulation, a bit of zestiness is added to some alcoholic drinks. like some wines.
acidulcis (adjective), more acidulcis, most acidulcis
Sour and sweet blended: Some of the meals that Mrs. Thompson made were acidulcis and absolutely delicious and so piquant!
acidulent (adjective), more acidulent, most acidulent
1. Regarding a food having an acid quality; sour; acidulous: Lemons and limes are noted to be acidulent and have a sharp biting taste.
2. Concerning a person who is slightly sour; peevish: On hearing the news about her brother's engagement, June's face took on an anxious and acidulent expression.
acidulous (adjective), more acidulous, most acidulous
1. Slightly sour, sourish, subacid; somewhat acidic: The salad chef created a tangy, acidulous dressing for the salad.
2. Cutting and sharp in speech or tone; harsh: Based on Cory's acidulous remarks, there were those who suspected that she was angry with the person she was referring to.
3. Etymology: from Latin acidus, "sour".
Sour in feeling or manner; biting, caustic.
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aciduria (s) (noun), acidurias (pl)
A condition marked by the presence of excessive amounts of acid in the urine: There are different forms of aciduria, and among them are aminoaciduria and orotic aciduria.
aciduric (adjective), more aciduric, most aciduric
Pertaining to the growth of an organism in an acidic medium: Aciduric plants are acid-loving and thrive best in soil requiring a pH well below 7.
alginic acid (s) (noun), alginic acids (pl)
A polyuronic acid that is extracted from marine algae or seaweeds: Alginic acid is used as a binder in pharmaceutical tablets and as a thickening and emulsifying agent in a number of food products.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "sour, sharp": acerb-; acies- (not "sour"); acuto- (not "sour"); oxy-; pung- (not "sour").