(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

revivably (adverb) (not comparable)
1. A reference to how a business, a feeling, a trend, or even the economy is activated, set in motion, or taken up again and renewed: Jack's grades have revivably improved over the year after his illness that set him back so much.

Their love for each other was revivably possible after Jim and Mary talked over their problems and worked out some compromises in living together.
2. Descriptive of how a person or an animal is brought back to consciousness: After the accident Tom was vivably restored to awareness and strength after resuscitation had been performed.

revocably, revokably (adverb) (not comparable)
Relating to how something can be canceled, recanted, renounced, or annulled: Doug’s old driver’s license was revocably declared invalid when he received his new one.
seasonably (adverb), more seasonably, most seasonably
1. Descriptive of being normal for a certain time of the year: Some areas have been having seasonably cool weather while others have abnormally warm conditions.
2. Etymology: from Latin satio-, "a sowing, a seedtime".
serviceably (adverb), more serviceably, most serviceably
1. Pertaining to how something is helpful or useful: There were many pieces of used and serviceably good furniture in the second-hand store in town.
2. Referring to how something functions or is in working order: The old wheelbarrow is a bit rusty, but still serviceably adequate for gardening.
sociably (adverb), more sociably, most sociably
1. Regarding how norms are in accordance with society: In the new town, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson went to church, which was sociably acceptable, since everyone else went to church on a Sunday as well.
2. Concerning how a person acts in a gregarious way: At the party, Thomas talked sociably and agreeably with the other guests.
sufferably (adverb), more sufferably, most sufferably
Descriptive of how a person's conduct can be tolerated or endured, even with difficulty: The doorman's impolite behavior towards Mr. and Mrs. Dawson, when they went into the museum, was sufferably unpleasant.
suitably (adverb, more suitably, most suitably
1. Concerning how someone is prepared for an occasion or a purpose in an appropriate or satisfactory manner: Mrs. Marshall was suitably and properly dressed for her daughter's marriage ceremony.

Jane went out to work in the garden in her high-heeled shoes, but she certainly wasn't suitably clothed for pulling weeds!
2. Pertaining to how a person or something is fitting or apt; fittingly; aptly: Mary decided to make a dramatic entrance to the party to make sure that everyone was suitably impressed.

superably (adverb), more superably, most superbly
A reference to how a problem or difficulty can be overcome: It was superbly possible to solve the issues concerning the firm, so the two friends decided to go out to dinner and talk over the existing disagreements.
supportably (adverb), more supportably, most supportably
Concerning how something is barely endurable or manageable: Kate's stoicism was seen as a supportably acceptable emotion given the circumstances.
taxably (adverb) (not comparable)
Pertaining to how a contribution is charged against a citizen's income or property for the support of the government: Jill's consultant said that the land she had inherited was taxably part of her total income.
tenably (adverb), more tenably, most tenably
Descriptive of how something is well-based and defensible: Doug's arguments seemed to be tenably justified and sound, and so the rest of the staff agreed with his reasoning.
terminably (adverb) (not comparable)
Specifically referring to how the completion of an enterprise is set at a certain time; a finalization of expectations of a document or an agreement: The contract with Jack, the carpenter, stated that the work on the house must be terminably concluded by the designated date.
traceably (adverb), more traceably, most traceably
Denoting how something can be tracked or detected: The barking Jack heard was traceably connected with the neighbor's dog that was chained to the post in the backyard.
tractably (adverb), more tractably, most tractably
Relating to how a person is obedient and flexible: Max learned from his parents and teachers how to behave tractably and compliantly, at home and at school.
treasonably (adverb), more treasonably, most treasonably
Descriptive of how someone acts in a manner or style that is disloyal, faithless, and that is a betrayal of allegiance: Matthew was behaving in a treasonably odd manner that made people wonder if he was doing something illegal and disloyal to his family.