(Latin: suffix; able manner, capably)

Forming adverbs corresponding to adjectives in -able.

profitably (adverb), more profitably, most profitably
Concerning how an undertaking is managed in a productive way; productively; fruitfully: The small firm operated profitably in the town by selling their goods locally as well as abroad.
provably (adverb), more provably, most provably
Pertaining to how something is proven in an obvious manner: Sammy said he couldn't find his jacket, but his claim was provably wrong, because it was right in front of him!
punishably (adverb), more punishably, most punishably
Referring to how a disobedient or severe action merits discipline: The thief was found guilty and deserved punishably corrective measures for his corrupt behavior.
questionably (adverb), more questionably, most questionably
Regarding how something is done in a way that is doubtful and not necessarily completely honest: The company president's statement to the press was presented in a questionably weak manner, raising questions about her integrity.
quotably (adverb), more quotably, most quotably
Concerning how written or spoken utterances or worth repeating: When scolding her little sister, Mildred quotably parroted or imitated what their mother had said before.
Concerning how the value of something is assessed or evaluated regarding payments; proportionally: The claimants who were to receive reimbursements, or the surplus sum, have been paid ratably.
reasonably (adverb), more reasonably, most reasonably
1. Descriptive of how something is done in an intelligent or practical way: Mr. Smith responded reasonably and sensibly to the teacher's questions when asked about why his daughter was so sad and distraught.
2. Regarding how something is fair or satisfactory: Jane was looking for a purse that was priced reasonably and not too expensive.
3. Referring to how something is moderately good or tolerable: The old bike was evidently in a reasonably good condition and wasn't rusty.
reconcilably (adverb), more reconcilably, most reconsilably
Descriptive of how an issue can be settled, rectified, or brought to terms: The sisters finally solved their reconcilably different views, and harmony was restored again!
redoubtably (adverb), more redoubtably, most redoubtably
1. Regarding how someone can inspire awe: fearsomely; dauntingly, alarmingly: The handsome prince in the story was known to be redoubtably bold and brave and could fight any dragon on his way to save the princess.
2. Characterizing how a person is worthy of honor and respect: The principal of the school was certainly a redoubtably fine and laudable man.
reliably (adverb), more reliably, most reliably
1. Concerning how a person acts in a faithful manner and can be trusted and depended on: Jim has always known Judy to be reliably optimistic because she inevitably has something positive to say of any situation that arrises, even though it might be a disastrous one!
2. Referring to something or someone that can be trusted or believed because of working or behaving well in the way one would expect: The dishwasher was always reliably efficient and never broke down.
removably (adverb) (not countable)
Descriptive of how something can be disconnected or taken away: The screws in the plastic bag were removably attached to the base of the lamp which Jane recently bought from the store.
reproachably (adverb), more reproachably, most reproachably
Concerning how an utterance or action shows anger, disappointment, or censure: Tim's mother looked at him reproachably when he lost his cell phone and didn't tell her as soon as possible.
reputably (adverb), more reputably, most reputably
Descriptive of how a person has a good reputation; honorably, respectably: At his office, Doug was reputably appreciated and highly regarded by all of his colleagues.
respectably (adverb), more respectably, most respectably
1. Denoting how something is done well; creditably: Mrs. Adams was respectably healthy for her age because she always did exercises at the gym.
2. Descriptive of how a person does something in a presentable or acceptable manner: Mr. Thomas greeted his old friend respectably and cheerfully, and invited him into his home.
respectably, respectfully, respectively
respectably (ri SPEKT tuh bli) (adverb)
Descriptive of how something is completed in a properly, decently, and morally reputable manner: At the end of the story, the two love birds were respectably married and lived happily ever after.
respectfully (ri SPEKT fuhl li) (adverb)
Pertaining to how someone acts in a way which shows that he or she is aware of the rights, wishes, etc. of others: The secretary for the meeting recorded that the deputy mayor respectfully suggested that the meeting be adjourned until the following week.
respectively (ri SPEKT tiv lee) (adverb)
Regarding how someone mentions or designates each person or object individually in a given order: When Mrs. Smart stated that the class did outstanding work, she was referring to each of the pupils respectively.

Susanne identified the actors as antagonist and protagonist respectively; so, she respectfully requested that they quit acting silly and start rehearsing their parts respectably.