(Latin: a suffix; expressing capacity, fitness to do that which can be handled or managed, suitable skills to accomplish something; capable of being done, something which can be finished, etc.)

A suffix that forms adjectives. The suffix -ible has related meanings; expressing ability, capacity, fitness; capable of, fit for, able to be done, can be done, inclined to, tending to, given to.

This list is only a small sample of the thousands of -able words that exist in English.

sufferable (adjective), more sufferable, most sufferable
Descriptive of an experience or an event that must be accepted and borne as best as one can: In her conversation with her cousin, Helen described the most sufferable experience of her youth, the day she fell into the swimming pool with all of her clothes on when all of her friends were watching.
suitable (adjective), more suitable, most suitable
1. A reference to that which is meant or adapted for an occasion or for some use: Mr. Anderson told his son, Tom, who was about to leave for school wearing his summer clothes, that he should wear suitable clothes for such winter conditions.

Greta's dress was a suitable choice for her friend's wedding ceremony.
2. Pertaining to what is right for a particular purpose, person, or situation: Latisha found that the parking lot was full, and the nearest alternate and suitable parking area was three blocks farther away.

Vince's experiences make him more suitable for the new job.

Meagan was warned that the movie her children wanted to see was not suitable for them.

suitableness (s) (noun), suitablenesses (pl)
The quality of being proper for an occasion: The suitableness of Ruth's dress for the funeral was approved by her mother and considered to be appropriate.
superable (adjective), more superable, most superable
The possibility of being overcome or conquered: Jim thought that the issues at hand were superable and could be solved successfully within a week.
supportable (adjective), more supportable, most supportable
A reference to enduring something bravely or quietly even though it may be unpleasant: Pam demonstrated a supportable attitude as she strived to find someone to take care of her little girl until she could get over her illness.
surmountable (adjective), more surmountable, most surmountable
1. Capable of being overcome: The new immigrant family thought that all the difficulties and obstacles, including the new language, were surmountable and could be mastered.
2. Possible to climb to the top: Jack and Jill decided that the mountain in their area was surmountable, and so they started their hike the following day!
surpassable (adjective), more surpassable, most surpassable
1. Capable of becoming better, greater, or stronger: Jack thought that the grades his older brother got in school were surpassable, so he did his best at studying and passing all the tests with excellent grades!
2. Possible of overstepping the range or limit or something: The contents of the German lessons were not surmountable for Jenny to understand because she didn't do her homework thoroughly and German is a tough language to learn!
3. Worthy of exceeding the capacity or powers of something: The only surpassable beauty of any mountain was the resplendence of the Rocky Mountains.
sustainable (adjective), more sustainable, most sustainable
1. Capable of being utilized without being completely used up or destroyed: For his project at school, Clifford was interested in learning more about sustainable energy resources and sustainable water supplies.
2. Worthy of involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources: Some farmers employ sustainable agriculture techniques that they can apply and employ for a very long time.
3. Able to last or to continue for a long time: Jack said, "We must have sustainable development and growth in the financial markets."
4. Describing an activity that makes use of the earth's living and physical resources: Such necessary practices include sustainable human actions and their technologies, cultures, and institutions in a way that does not diminish their ability to support future generations.

The consumption of energy should be applied in a manner that emphasizes renewable sources and the judicious use of non-renewable sources.

taxable (adjective) (not comparable)
Liable to be levied or charged: An individual's income is taxable and is not exempt by law.
temptable (adjective), more temptable, most temptable
Susceptible to being enticed to do or to obtain something: Jill was not the most temptable person, but sometimes she felt quite tempted to eat ice cream when it was so hot outside! .
tenable (adjective), more tenable, most tenable
A reference to that which can be held, defended, or maintained: There are tenable objectives that students, and other users, can achieve if they have access to the resources that will give them the information that they need.
Pertaining to something that can be maintained or defended.
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terminable (adjective), more terminable, most terminable
Pertaining to an undertaking that can be stopped or ended: Roy had a terminable contract which allowed his employer to cancel the project whenever he wanted to.
thermostable (adjective), more thermostable, most thermostable
1. Relatively consistent or resistant to heat: The product said that the plastic container should be thermostable and not melt when in the microwave.
2. Not readily subject to alteration or destruction by heat: The thermostable nature of certain materials can be utilized industrially as an agent to hinder or delay fires.
tolerable (adjective), more tolerable, most tolerable
1. Possible of being endured: The docrtor gave Mandy some medicine to make the pain on her finger more tolerable and bearable.
2. Passable, mediocre: fairly good: Grace knew that her voice was only tolerable, but she enjoyed singing nevertheless.
torturable (adjective), more torturable, most torturable
Possible of being abused or mistreated: The little kitten could be hurt, or it was torturable, so Jenny's mother told her not to pull its tail or step on her paw!