(Latin: a suffix; expressing capacity, fitness to do that which can be handled or managed, suitable skills to accomplish something; capable of being done, something which can be finished, etc.)

A suffix that forms adjectives. The suffix -ible has related meanings; expressing ability, capacity, fitness; capable of, fit for, able to be done, can be done, inclined to, tending to, given to.

This list is only a small sample of the thousands of -able words that exist in English.

redoubtable (adjective), more redoubtable, most redoubtable
1. Relating to something that causes great fear or respect; very powerful: The new soccer player is considered a redoubtable member of the team, because he is very fast and a skillful kicker when he is playing opposing players.
2. Etymology: from French redoutable from redouter, "to dread."
Awesome and fearsome and so worthy of respect.
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Inspiring fear or dread.
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Formidable and worthy of being afraid to challenge or oppose.
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A reason for being afraid.
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referable (adjective), more referable, most referable
Characteristic of being assigned to or regarded as belonging to a particular situation or cause: The collapse of the wall of Hardy's barn was a referable accident as a result of the heavy rains during the spring.
refundable (adjective) (not comparable)
Able to get one's money back on an item, or something that is exchanged, in case of customer dissatisfaction, loss, breakage, etc.: Amanda's coffee machine broke down within a week, and since it wasn't her fault and still within the guaranteed time, it was refundable and she got a new one the following day.
refusable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Capable of being rejected; declinable: The invitation that Lance received to go to Africa the next day was refusable, so he didn't go!

The issue at hand was refusable and turned down at the first meeting, but allowed to be discussed during the next meeting a week later.
2. Able to have a request, demand, etc. denied: Permission to enter the bar was refusable to those who were not members.

refutable (adjective), more refutable, most refutable
Referring to something which can be proven as invalid: It is a refutable belief that the earth is flat as indicated by people in the Middle Ages.
reimbursable (adjective) (not comparable)
Deserving to being refunded: When Lynn got prescribed medicine from the pharmacy, it was reimbursable through her health insurance.
reinforceable, reenforceable, re-enforceable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Suitable to make stronger by extra assistance, support, or material: Joan's old jeans were reinforceable with adding patches to the worn out fabric.
2. Inclined to encourage a response by means of a positive stimulus: By using special treats as reinforceable tidbits or goodies for Mary's dog, she was able to teach it to sit down, roll over, or lie down on command!
reliable (adjective), more reliable, most reliable
1. Able to be trusted; dependable; consistently superior in quality: Mrs. Smart was a very reliable person who always arrived at work on time, kept up to date on her projects, and was always honest and truthful.

The washing machine was totally reliable and had never broken down!
2. Able to be trusted, to be accurate, and to provide correct information: The reports and facts given in the newspaper were always precise, true, and unfailingly reliable.

relievable (adjective), more relievable, most relievable
1. A reference to bringing alleviation of pain, distress, etc. to someone: The relievable therapy made it possible for Mildred to endure her tensions.
2. A descriptive term for a condition that makes something less unpleasant or not as stressful: Larry's positive attitudes made it possible for him to have a more relievable life.
remediable (adjective), more remediable, most remediable
Capable of being fixed or cured: The issue with the terrible road conditions with potholes was remediable, and they were repaired the following week.

Little Jennifer was stung with some nettles, but it was remediable because she used some calamine lotion to relieve the symptoms.

removable (adjective), more removable, most removable
Suitable to being taken away or taken off: The peanut butter jar lid is removable and can be screwed back on after spreading the peanut butter on the sandwich!

Write the address with indelible ink, glue it on the package, and it will not be removable.

remunerable (adjective), more remunerable, most remunerable
Worthy of recompense or payment: The good jobs done by the workers certainly is remunerable and will be rewarded.
renderable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Able to present for consideration or approval: At the staff meeting a few opinions and ideas were renderable regarding the class trips the following year.
2. Possible to express in a different linguistic communication: The text was renderable or translatable in any foreign language.
repairable (adjective), more repairable, most repairable
Disposed to being mended or restored: The damaged garage was repairable and the owner was able to reconstruct it himself.
repayable (adjective) (not comparable)
Disposed to restitute, to refund, or to reimburse: Bank loans are usually repayable in regular installments.