(Latin: suffix; expressing ability, capacity, fitness, or "that which may be easily handled or managed")

Just a few examples out of hundreds of words presented as the noun forms of -able; forming nouns of quality from, or corresponding to, adjectives in -able; the quality in an agent that makes an action possible. The suffix -ible has related meanings.

security vulnerability (s) (noun), security vulnerabilities (pl)
In computer protection, the ability of an invader to violate the integrity of a computer system: Security vulnerabilities may result from weak passwords, software bugs, a computer virus, or other malware, or a script code injection.

A security vulnerability is classified as a serious problem if it is recognized as a possible means of attack.

—Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms; US Department of Defense.
sociability (s) (noun), sociabilities (pl)
1. The capacity or an instance of being friendly and companionable: The section of the town where James and his wife lived was noted for the sociability of the neighbours which was one reason why they moved there.
2. The quality, state, disposition, or inclination of being pleasant: Drinking a cup of tea with a friend or neighbor and having a friendly conversation is one example of nice sociability.
social vulnerability (s) (noun), social vulnerabilities (pl)
One dimension of multiple stressors and shocks, including natural hazards: These social vulnerabilities refer to the inability of people, organizations, and societies to withstand adverse impacts from multiple stressors to which they are exposed.

These impacts of social vulnerabilities are caused in part by characteristics inherent in social interactions, institutions, and systems of cultural values.

solvability (s) (noun), solvabilities (pl)
1. Capable of being worked out, explained, or clarified: The board game was noted for its solvability and, when completed, provided all the players with a feeling of success in the end!
2. The condition of being solvent: The bank told Lynn that her bank account provided the necessary solvability to pay her debts or financial obligations when they came due.
stability (s) (noun), stabilities (pl)
1. The state of something or someone in a firm or secure position: By leaning too far over, James lost his stability and fell over!
2. The condition of constancy; resistance to change: The stability of the environment is certainly in danger when mankind does not take care of the planet earth.
3. The adaptability of an aircraft to return to its initial flight path following an unintended movement: After the thermal uplift passed, the plane resumed its stability and resumed its course.
4. Dependability; reliability: Mary's stability towards her children was displayed by her responsibleness, dependability, and never-ending love, of course!
sustainability (s) (noun), sustainabilities (pl)
The fact of being upheld and perpetuated; or the preservation of the overall viability and normal functioning of natural systems: Some types of energy, like water, sunlight, and wind, could provide the earth with the amount of sustainability that is needed for mankind to survive in the long run, since natural resources are being used up!
temptability (s) (noun) (no pl)
Susceptibility to enticement or allurement: Having ice cream in the house and the temptability of eating it was too good to be true and could not be resisted!
tenable (adjective), more tenable, most tenable
A reference to that which can be held, defended, or maintained: There are tenable objectives that students, and other users, can achieve if they have access to the resources that will give them the information that they need.
Pertaining to something that can be maintained or defended.
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threat and vulnerability assessment (s) (noun), threat and vulnerability assessments (pl)
In antiterrorism, a threat and vulnerability assessment involves the pairing of a facility's threat analysis and vulnerability analysis.
—Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms;
US Department of Defense.
tolerability (s) (noun), tolerabilities /pl)
1. Capable of being accepted; endurability: Mrs. Smart, the teacher, said there was absolutely no tolerability for the student's arrogance.
2. The capacity of being fairly good; satisfactoriness: The family wondered if the tolerability, of the old washing machine was still acceptable for using another year, or if they should buy a new one as a replacement.
tractability (s) (noun), tractabilities (pl)
1. The ability of being easily managed or controlled; docile; yielding: Little Susi was known for her tractability, because she was easily persuaded to help in the kitchen if she could watch TV afterwards!
2. The capacity of something which can be easily worked, shaped, or otherwise handled; malleable: The tractability of the clay to make a vase proved to be effortless to knead and form.
transmission reliability margin (TRM) (s) (noun), transmission reliability margins (pl)
The amount of power necessary for a transmission to make certain that its network will be secure under a reasonable range of uncertainties in system conditions: Jim learned about the transmission reliability margin in his computer class and realized how important it was.
transportability (s) (noun), transportabilities (pl)
The capability of carrying something or someone to different places, usually over long distances: In the distant past, the only means of transportability was carrying material or individuals by people, animals, or by waterway.
unpalatability (s) (noun), unpalatabilities (pl)
1. The property of being intolerable or unacceptable to the mind: Most of the people in the city objected to the raise of taxes and this unpalatability caused many protest marches to take place.
2. The quality of being displeasing or disagreeable to the mouth: At the restaurant, Mr. and Mrs. Smith complained about the unpalatability of the meal which was served to them.
unpalatably (adverb), more unpalatably, most unpalatably
Concerning how something looks or takes place: The lettuce had been in the refrigerator for quite a long time and it had unpalatably wilted and soggy leaves.