(Latin: suffix; expressing ability, capacity, fitness, or "that which may be easily handled or managed")

Just a few examples out of hundreds of words presented as the noun forms of -able; forming nouns of quality from, or corresponding to, adjectives in -able; the quality in an agent that makes an action possible. The suffix -ible has related meanings.

inoculable (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Regarding a disease that can be treated by a vaccine: People all over the world are hoping that the coronavirus will be inoculable by the middle of the following year.
2. Relating to a disease transmitted by a vaccination: When injected into an individual, the inoculable bacteria should cause or create immunity, but not the illness itself.
3. Referring to that which can be used in an injection: The medicament was considered to be inoculable and was used to treat patients by giving them a dose in the form of an injection.
insatiability (s) (noun), insatiabilities (pl)
Incapacity of being pleased or content; the state of being very greedy: Judy's insatiability for ice cream made her gain a lot of weight, so she decided one day not to buy anymore, which was an excellent idea.
instability (s) (noun), instabilities (pl)
1. The quality or attribute of being insecure in functioning properly and to being irresolute; unreliability: Such issues as racial problems, economics, the concentration or density of population, and family instabilities can lead to violence and bloodshed.
2. A disposition toward unpredictable conduct or irregular changes in one's state of mind: The older Aunt Jane got, the more mental instability she showed and therefore had to have help in her home.
insuperable (adjective), more insuperable, most insuperable
A reference to the inability of overcoming a difficulty or hinderance; insurmountable: The weather suddenly became an insuperable barrier of getting back home as early as Mike and his family had planned.

Jim's less experienced football team won the championship despite the insuperable odds presented by the more successful team.

Relating to being incapable of being overcome.
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Descriptive of being unable to conquer.
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intolerability (noun), intolerabilities (pl)
The impossibility to accept or to live with someone or something; unbearableness: The intolerability of his illness caused him much suffering and all he wanted was to stay at home.
intractability (s) (noun), intractabilities (pl)
1. The disposition of a person which is unruly or stubborn: The intractability or obstinacy that little Timmy showed was very difficult to deal with, especially when it was time to go to bed!
2. The nature or feature of something that is hard to manage or deal with: The intractability of the leak of the faucet in the bathroom couldn't be fixed easily, so Tom had to call the plumber!
3. The inability of something which is not easily cured or relieved: The intractability of John's pain in his back was something that he had to put up with in addition to taking some medication which didn't help him much at all.
inviolability (s) (noun), inviolabilities (pl)
1. The capacity to prohibit invasion or disruption: The inviolability of the fortification proved successful because all the people were safe from intruders!
2. A condition of being secure from destruction, violence, infringement, or desecration: They were told that they had to honor the inviolability of the sanctuary and we indicated the inviolability of our promise to do so.
3. Incapability of being abused; incorruptibility; unassailability: They must consider the inviolability of secrecy.
invulnerability (s) (noun), invulnerabilities (pl)
A reference to being impossible to harm, to damage, or to defeat: The political candidate's invulnerability in winning the election was apparent.
irreconcilability (s) (noun) (no pl)
The quality or potential of being uncompromising, implacable, or full of conflicts: The irreconcilability of a lot of people is brought on by their exasperation and anger along with much hostility and resentment regarding important issues that concern them personally.
irrevocability (s) (noun), irrevocabilities (pl)
That which is impossible to change: The irrevocabilities of the public statements Congressman Raymond made resulted in his loss of the election.
irritability (s) (noun), irritabilities (pl)
1. The capacity to become quickly annoyed or bad-tempered: Jim's irritability and uncontrolled anger show up when he hasn't slept much and has to concentrate on teaching the following day.
2. The abnormal nervousness of an organ or a part of the body: Drinking too much coffee produces an irritability in Susan's stomach which causes her much pain.
3. The feeling of being cranky, cross, or impatient: The irritability in Mr. Rawson's mood was caused by not having anything to eat for a very long time, and he became cranky, touchy, and ill-humored.
laudability (s) (noun) (no pl)
The quality of acclaiming; worthy of praise: The laudability of Lisa's and Johanna's excellent grades in school made their mother so very happy and they went out to a fine restaurant to celebrate!
learning disability (s) (noun), learning disabilities (pl)
Certain kinds of mental conditions that make the understanding of certain kinds of information very difficult to acquire: Pupils with learning disabilities often need special teaching techniques or classes so they can have greater success with their educational experiences.
liability (s) (noun), liabilities (pl)
1. A legal responsibility for something, especially for costs or damages: After the accident, Tom was cleared of any liabilities that had occurred.
2. Something for which a person is responsible, for example a financial obligation: It took many years for Mr. and Mrs. Timmons to pay off the liabilities they had regarding the debts to the bank that helped out with financing the costs of the house they had bought.
3. That which holds a person back or causes trouble: Because Timmy couldn't keep a secret, he was a liability to the boys' club and their undercover activities!

Becky was quite shy and this liability caused her difficulties in making friends.
4. Someone who is a burden, causes a social embarrassment. or who prevents an undefeated outcome: The members of the school football team, and even the coach, saw Doug as being a liability to the success of their games with other schools. or.
5. The likelihood or probability of something happening: The liability of many accidents happening is a real issue because of a big snow storm coming up and many cars don't have their winter tires on yet.

malleable (adjective), more malleable, most malleable
1. Pertaining to something that is capable of being shaped by being beaten or by pressure as with certain metals, such as silver: Ancient civilizations found gold to be malleable and often formed it into intricate figures, and even today gold is a very malleable metal and can be molded by pressure.
2. Descriptive of a metal having been beaten out into a thin plate: The antique tray receptacle in the museum appeared to be a piece of malleable silver.
3. Characterizing a person or something that can be influenced, adapted or fashioned to situations or mental challenges: As a teacher, Hans was always amazed at the malleable minds and personalities of his students.

The teachers were striving to develop a malleable plan that would serve to develop the "malleability" of the minds of their pupils.

Easily led or susceptible to charm.
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Easily persuaded  to do something.
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