(Latin: suffix; expressing ability, capacity, fitness, or "that which may be easily handled or managed")

Just a few examples out of hundreds of words presented as the noun forms of -able; forming nouns of quality from, or corresponding to, adjectives in -able; the quality in an agent that makes an action possible. The suffix -ible has related meanings.

instability (s) (noun), instabilities (pl)
1. The quality or attribute of being insecure in functioning properly and to being irresolute; unreliability: Such issues as racial problems, economics, the concentration or density of population, and family instabilities can lead to violence and bloodshed.
2. A disposition toward unpredictable conduct or irregular changes in one's state of mind: The older Aunt Jane got, the more mental instability she showed and therefore had to have help in her home.
insuperable (adjective), more insuperable, most insuperable
A reference to being incapable of dealing with successfully or overcoming; unbeatable: The weather suddenly became an insuperable barrier to getting back home as early as Mike and his family had planned.

Jim's less experienced football team won the championship despite the insuperable odds presented by the more successful team.

Relating to being incapable of being overcome.
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Descriptive of being unable to conquer.
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intolerability (noun), intolerabilities (pl)
1. Impossible to accept or to live with; unbearable.
2. Completely unacceptable.
1. That which prohibits violation.
2. A condition of being secure from destruction, violence, infringement, or desecration: "They were told that they had to honor the inviolability of the sanctuary and we indicated the inviolability of our promise to do so."
3. Incapability of being violated; incorruptible; unassailable: "They must consider the inviolability of secrecy.
invulnerability (s) (noun), invulnerabilities (pl)
A reference to being impossible to harm, to damage, or to defeat: The political candidate's invulnerability in winning the election was apparent.
irrevocability (s) (noun), irrevocabilities (pl)
That which is impossible to change: The irrevocabilities of the public statements Congressman Raymond made resulted in his loss of the election.
Praiseworthiness; worthy of praise.
learning disability (s) (noun), learning disabilities (pl)
Certain kinds of mental conditions that make the understanding of certain kinds of information very difficult to acquire: Pupils with learning disabilities often need special teaching techniques or classes so they can have greater success with their educational experiences.
liability (s) (noun), liabilities (pl)
1. A legal responsibility for something; especially, for costs or damages.
2. Something for which a person is responsible; for example, a debt.
3. That which holds a person back or causes trouble.
4. Someone who is a burden or who prevents a successful outcome or causes a social embarrassment.
5. The likelihood or probability of something happening.
malleable (adjective), more malleable, most malleable
1. Capable of being shaped by being beaten or by pressure as with certain metals; such as, gold and silver: Gold is a very malleable metal and can be shaped by pressure; ancient civilizations often formed gold into intricate shapes.
2. Having the characteristics of metal being beaten out into a thin plate: The antique tray receptacle in the museum appeared to be a piece of malleable metal.
3. Characterized by being fashioned, influenced, or adapted to situations or mental challenges: As a teacher, Hans was always amazed at the malleable minds and personalities of his students.

The teachers were striving to develop a malleable plan that would serve to develop the "malleability" of the minds of their pupils.

Easily led or susceptible to charm.
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Easily persuaded  to do something.
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manageable (adjective), more manageable, most manageable
That which can be controlled: Gary told his son that the problems he had in school were manageable and could be resolved if he paid more attention to his schoolwork instead of playing games on his computer so often.