(Latin: different, diversity, change, changing)

Believed by some etymologists to be from varus, "bent, knock-kneed; to bend, to turn, to twist".

variousness (s) (noun) (no plural)
varisized (adjective), more varisized, most varisized
Referring to something that consists of different sizes.
varistor (s) (noun), varistors (pl)
In electricity, a variable resistor.

A two-electrode resistor made of semiconductor material and having voltage-dependent nonlinear resistance which drops with an increase in applied voltage; can be used to protect sensitive equipment from power spikes or lightning strikes by shunting the energy to the ground.

vary (verb), varies; varied; varying
1. To make or cause changes in the characteristics or attributes of; modify or alter.
2. To change within a range of possibilities, or in connection with something else, or to make something undergo such a change.
3. To give variety or diversity to something or to change, to alter, and to modify.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "another, other, different, alternating, varied, changing": ali-; allo-; alter-; allelo-; hetero-; mut-; poikilo-; reciproc-.