toxico-, toxic-, toxi-, tox-, toxin-, -toxically, -toxaemia, -toxemia, -toxaemic, -toxemic, -toxical, -toxy, -toxis, -toxicosis, -toxism, -toxia, -toxin, -toxicity

(Greek: poison)

This Greek element originally meant "bow", then it became "arrow", then a "poisoned arrow" and finally "poison". In most cases, toxico- means poison, but in a few situations it refers to the original meaning of "arrow", as in toxophilite and toxophily; "love of or fondness for archery", and so it shouldn't be confused with toxophil, toxophile, "having an affinity for or an attraction to a toxin or poison'.
ichthyotoxin, ichthyotoxism
Any natural toxin or poison that is produced by fish.
intoxicate (in TAHK si kayt") (verb), intoxicates; intoxicated; intoxicating
1. To make someone drunk with alcohol or stupefied with drugs or other substances: At the birthday party, the host served strong alcoholic drinks that intoxicated the guests so much that they all had to take taxis to get back home!
2. To cause a person to become intensely excited or overjoyed to such a degree that he or she becomes irrational and uncontrollable: Winning $200,000 in the lottery intoxicated Mary so much that she couldn’t sleep that night!
3. To poison people: The deadly substance was detected before it was mixed with the orange juice which could have intoxicated just about everyone who was at the meeting.
4. Etymology: from Latin intoxicat-, from intoxicare, "to poison"; from Latin toxicum, ''poison".
intoxicated (adjective), more intoxicated, most intoxicated
intoxication (s) (noun), intoxications (pl)
Producing toxic effects in individuals of the same species as the originating individual; characteristic of or pertaining to a homeotoxin.
A toxin from an individual that is toxic to other individuals of the same species; homeotoxin.
kenotoxin, cenotoxin (s) (noun); kenotoxins, cenotoxins (pl)
A hypothetical poison supposedly produced in muscles by muscular contractions, causing fatigue or sleep.
leukocytotoxin (s) (noun), leukocytotoxins (pl)
A matter that induces or effects the death of leukocytes or their deterioration, including leukocidin and leukolysin: There are some leukocytotoxins that attack and kill white blood cells, and among them are certain chemical drugs and any staphylococcal, streptococcal, or exotoxin. .
leukotoxic (adjective), more leukotoxic, mosSome leukotoxic
Regarding something that is poisonous or harmful to white blood cells: Some serious leukotoxic infections, like blood infections, and chemotherapy drugs will kill WBCs.
leukotoxicity (s) (noun) (no pl)
A poisonous condition of white blood cells: Dr. Todd talked about leukotoxicity in patients suffering from blood cancer.

A cross reference of another word family that is related directly, or indirectly, with: "poison": veno-; viru-.