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intoxicate (in TAHK si kayt") (verb), intoxicates; intoxicated; intoxicating
1. To make someone drunk with alcohol or stupefied with drugs or other substances: At the birthday party, the host served strong alcoholic drinks that intoxicated the guests so much that they all had to take taxis to get back home!
2. To cause a person to become intensely excited or overjoyed to such a degree that he or she becomes irrational and uncontrollable: Winning $200,000 in the lottery intoxicated Mary so much that she couldn’t sleep that night!
3. To poison people: The deadly substance was detected before it was mixed with the orange juice which could have intoxicated just about everyone who was at the meeting.
4. Etymology: from Latin intoxicat-, from intoxicare, "to poison"; from Latin toxicum, ''poison".