ten-, tent-, tin-, -tain, -tainment, -tenance, -tinence

(Latin: hold, grasp, have)

content (s) (noun), contents (pl)
A state of satisfaction or contentment: The weather in Sam's area proved to be a time of content for him and his neighbors.
content (verb), contents, contented, contenting
To satisfy the needs or desires of someone: When Joe told Mary that they would be eating out at a certain restaurant, his information obviously contented her.
content (adjective), more content, most content
Relating to being in a state or condition of peaceful happiness.
contentedly (adverb), more contentedly, most contentedly
Descriptive of someone who expresses happiness or satisfaction: Carol was contentedly walking to the grocery parking lot to get into her car with a smile and a relaxed attitude after completing her shopping for the ingredients of the evening dinner that she would be preparing for her family.
contentedness (noun) (no plural)
The state of being satisfied with one's situation in life: Jake relaxed in sleepy contentedness when he went to bed for the night.

Contentedness, joy, love, interest, and satisfaction are some of the positive emotions that lead us to feel happy.

When contentedness exists for anyone, problems will usually be decreased.

continence (s) (noun), (no plural)
A control of one's actions and feelings; self restraint, moderation: One example of continence is the ability to control bladder or bowel functions.

The word continence comes from the Latin continentia which means "a holding back” including bodily functions.

continent (s) (noun), continents (pl)
1. Some of the seven great areas of land on the earth: The continents are North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Austsralia, and Antarctica.

The Continent, which is the mainland of Europe, does not include the British Isles.

2. Etymology: from Latin continentem, "holding in, refraining" from com-, "in" + tenere, "to hold".
continent (adjective), more continent, most continent
1. A reference to showing restraint with regard to the desires or passions one has and using self-control; being temperate: As a financial investor, Sam was known as a continent person even when profits did not turn out as he had hoped to achieve from his investments.
2. Etymology: from Latin continentem, "holding in, refraining" from com-, "in" + tenere, "to hold".
continently (adverb), more continently, most continently
A reference to being or doing something in a moderately or temperately manner.
continentness (s) (noun), (no plural)
Having control over urination and defecation: A person who has continentness is someone who knows when he, or she, has to go to the bathroom and uses the toilet.
continually (adverb)
A description of doing something repeatedly or at regular intervals or over and over again: "When people continually check their cell phones for messages, they are doing it with breaks in between but very often."

"When anyone does something continuously, it is being done without stopping at all; so, be aware that continually and continuously do not have the same meaning."