teleo-, tel-, telo-

(Greek: end, last; result, completion, perfection, fulfillment)

Don't confuse this element with the tele- unit which means "far away, at a distance", etc.

teleophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. A fear of religious ceremonies: Brenda, who had teleophobia, never liked to go to church on Sundays because she found the church services so boring, feeling that she had to participate, and she thought that the sermons did not help her with her daily life.
2, A great unwillingness to acknowledge that things tend to end: Nathan, affected by teleophobia, never seemed to complete his stamp project, and always thought of something more to add or to improve.
1. A feather of definitive plumage (the entire feathery covering of a bird) and adornment that also helps streamline and soften body contours of aves or birds, reducing friction in the air and in the water.
2. Etymology: from Greek teleos, "complete" + ptilon, "feather".

The plumage of the newborn chick is downy, called neossoptile; that which follows is termed teleoptile.

A reference to a mature feather as distinguished from a neossoptile or downy feather of a newly hatched bird.
A “completed lizard” from Early Jurassic Europe.
1. An acrostic, or poem, in which the last letters in each line spell a word.
2. A poem in which the last letters of successive lines form a word, a phrase, or the consecutive letters of the alphabet.
Joining by experimental procedures of two embryos end to end.
1. An enzyme present in cancer cells that enables them to divide indefinitely.
2. The enzyme that is concerned with the formation, maintenance, and renovation of telomeres which are the ends of chromosomes.