stato-, stat-, sta-, -static, -stasi, staso-, -stasis, -stasia, -stacy, -stitute, -stitution, -sist

(Latin: standing, to stay, to make firm, fixed; cause to stand, to put, to place, to put in place, to remain in place; to stand still)

arrester (s) (noun), arresters (pl)
arteriostasis (s) (noun), arteriostases (pl)
Control of blood flow through the arteries.
assist (verb), assists; assisted; assisting
assistance (uh SIS tuhns) (s) (noun), assistances (pl)
1. Support; help, service; collaboration, cooperation: "The pilot needed the copilot’s assistance in landing the plane."
2. Monetary support, contribution, or subsidy: "The public’s financial assistance is needed to build the orphanage."
assistant (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Relating to a person who has a job of helping someone to do something: "Mark was his mother's assistant while shopping and carrying in the groceries."
2. Being in a lower rank or position than others in a group, a business, an organization, etc.: "Mona was an assistant editor for the local newspaper."
assistant (uh SIS tuhnt) (pl) (noun), assistants (pl)
Those who help; aide, or are helpers: "The boss’s new assistants are really hard workers."

"The doctors’ assistants at the hospital always seem to be available to help whenever anyone calls."

assisted (adjective), more assisted, most assisted
astasia (s) (noun), astasias (pl)
Motor incoordination with the inability to stand up: Ben's astasia was caused by a sudden absence of his muscular coordination; possibly because of some kind of nerve damage.
bacteriostasis (s) (noun), bacteriostases (pl)
The reduction or retardation of the growth or reproduction of bacteria, but not the killing of them.
bacteriostat (s) (noun), bacteriostats (pl)
Any agent; such as a chemical, that decreases or retards bacterial multiplication or growth.
bacteriostatic (adjective), more bacteriostatic, most bacteriostatic
Pertaining to a phase in which microbial organisms are prevented from undergoing further cell growth, without actually being destroyed.
barostat (s) (noun), barostats (pl)
A device that regulates and maintains pressure at a constant value within a chamber; such as, one that is used in an aircraft cabin.
biostabilizer (s) (noun), biostabilizers (pl)
A composting system that tumbles moistened soil waste in a drum in which moistened solid waste is tumbled until the waste biodegrades and aerates into a fine dark compost.
biostasis (s) (noun), biostases (pl)
The capacity or ability of an organism to tolerate changes in its environment without undergoing an adaptive change itself.
biostatistics (pl) (noun) (used with a singular verb)
1. The science of the collection of facts that are applied to biological and medical analysis.
2. Vital information or the numerical representation of conditions associated with life.

Related word families intertwined with "to place, placing, to put; to add; to stay; to attach" word units: fix-; pon-; prosth-; the-, thes-.