spec-, spic-, spect-, spectat-, spectro- -spectr, -spectful, -spection, -spective

(Latin: to see, seeing; to look at, looking at; sight, to appear, appearing; to behold, to examine, examining)

prospective (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of being a specified thing in the future or likely to happen: A special presentation for prospective workers was held by the company so everyone could be aware of the desired qualifications.
Relating to something that is likely to take place or to happen.
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prospectus (s) (noun), prospectuses (pl)
1. A printed statement which provides special information: The bank's prospectus gave choices for people who might want to invest in the new saving's plan.
2. Etymology: from Latin prosperus, "favorable."
A formal summary of a proposed business arrangement.
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respectability (s) (noun), respectabilities (pl)
The quality of being decent, honorable, and upright: Jack and Jill were teachers who possessed the social respectability of the parents of their students and of the townspeople by being honest, fair, reasonable, and dignified.
respectable (adjective), more respectable, most respectable
1. Worthy of high regard, admiration, and esteem: Arthur and Meg both came from a good, respectable, and honest family.
2. Presentable: For the ceremony, Mr. Henderson wore his most respectable suit in order to look well-groomed.
3. Reasonable or fair in size or quantity: At the market, Mary received a respectable amount of cherries for the cake she wanted to make that day.
4. Disposed to being correct in conduct or character: Little Johnny put on his most respectable behavior when he went to church that day.
respectably (adverb), more respectably, most respectably
1. Denoting how something is done well; creditably: Mrs. Adams was respectably healthy for her age because she always did exercises at the gym.
2. Descriptive of how a person does something in a presentable or acceptable manner: Mr. Thomas greeted his old friend respectably and cheerfully, and invited him into his home.
respective (adjective), more respective, most respective
Respice, auspice, prospice.
Look to the past, the present, the future.

Motto of The City College, City University of New York, New York City, New York, USA. It is also translated as, "Look back, look at the present, look to the future" or "Examine the past, examine the present, examine the future."

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "appear, visible, visual, manifest, show, see, reveal, look": blep-; delo-; demonstra-; opt-; -orama; pare-; phanero-; phant-; pheno-; scopo-; vela-, veal-; video-, visuo-.