scopo-, scop-, scept-, skept-, -scope-, -scopy, -scopia, -scopic, -scopist

(Greek > Latin: see, view, sight, look, look at, examine, behold, consider)

1. A reference to objects that are too small to be seen with an ordinary light microscope.
2. A reference to the use of an ultramicroscope.
1. The process of forming an artificial palate or roof of the mouth.
2. An operation for repairing a cleft palate (roof of the mouth).
Observations of the heavens or heavenly bodies or star-watching.
An instrument for examining the interior of the urethra for medical diagnosis; consisting of a fine flexible tube fitted with lenses and a light.
The medical examination of the urethra by means of the urethroscope.
Cryoscopy of urine or determining the freezing point of urine.
The diagnosis of diseases by inspection of urine.
An endoscope used for the visual medical examination of the cervix and interior of the uterus or the uterine cavity.
A vaginal speculum with an instrument for opening or distending a body orifice or cavity to permit visual medical inspection.
The medical examination of the vagina, usually by means of an endoscope.
vectorscope (s) (noun), vectorscopes (pl)
A special type of oscilloscope used in both audio and video applications: Most modern waveform monitors include the functionality of vectorscopes which are built in.
1. Endoscopic examination of the cerebral ventricles.
2. Examination of the ventricles of the brain with an endoscope.
A medical examination of the contents of the peritoneum (smooth serous membrane which lines the cavity of the abdomen) with a peritoneoscope (fiberoptic device that consists of a flexible tube) passed through the abdominal wall.
An instrument for observing or tracing vibrations.
A modification of a laser laparoscopy (inspecting the abdominal cavity using a tube that is inserted through the abdominal wall) in which the inside of a cavity is visualized through a video camera which projects an enlarged image onto a video monitor.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "appear, visible, visual, manifest, show, see, reveal, look": blep-; delo-; demonstra-; opt-; -orama; pare-; phanero-; phant-; pheno-; spec-; vela-, veal-; video-, visuo-.