puls-, pulsi-, -pulsion, -pulsive

(Latin: push, beat, strike, knock, drive; drive to, force toward)

impulsiveness (s) (noun) (no plural)
obsessive-compulsive disorder (s) (noun), obsessive-compulsive disorders (pl)
In medicine, a neurosis in which people are continuously bothered by persistent ideas that make them do repetitive, ritualized actions which they have no control over: An obsessive-compulsive disorder often begins in adolescence and continues to fluctuate or come and go over time.

People with obsessive-compulsive disorders often suffer from very strong feelings of having to do something that can't be controlled by themselves and so they also may have depressions and anxieties.

For a long time, obsessive-compulsive disorders have been treated with psychoanalysis or behavior therapy.

propulsation (s) (noun), propulsations (pl)
propulse (verb), propulses; propulsed; propulsing
propulsion (pruh PUHL shuhn, proh PUHL shuhn) (s) (noun), propulsions (pl)
A forcing or pushing to shove or drive something forward: Good propulsion is needed to move a swimmer through the strong waves of an ocean.

The wind requires strong propulsion to blow trees down during a storm.

propulsive (adjective), more propulsive, most propulsive
propulsor (s) (noun), propulsors (pl)
propulsory (adjective), more propulsory, most propulsory
pulsar (s) (noun), pulsars (pl)
Any of several celestial radio sources transmitting short intense bursts of radio waves, x-rays, or visible electromagnetic radiation at regular intervals, generally believed to be rotating neutron stars.
pulsate (verb), pulsates; pulsated; pulsating
1. To rhythmically expand and to contract or to make strong movements in a regular pattern: "Just about every scene of the drama pulsated with suspense and humor."
2. To make regular and strong sounds, flashes, beats, etc.: "The lights at the dance were pulsating with the music."
pulsating (adjective), more pulsating, most pulsating
Descriptive of expanding and contracting rhythmically; such as, the beating of the heart: The doctor could feel Frank's pulsating artery.
pulsating voltage
As electrical potential which is unidirectional but varies in magnitude at a periodic frequency.
pulsation (s) (noun), pulsations (pl)
Strong and regular beats or movements: "After running so much, David's heart pulsations were naturally stronger than they were just before he started."
pulsator (s) (noun), pulsators (pl)
pulsatory (adjective), more pulsatory, most pulsatory
A reference to having a rhythmical vibration or movement.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "push, shove, thrust": osmo-; pel-; trud-.