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activity (s) (noun), activities (pl)
1. The state of progressing or achieving something: Mrs. Good suggested that her students take part in extracurricular activities after school, like in sports ,or playing in an orchestra or a band.
2. Energetic movement; liveliness: The degree of an individual's activity diminishes with increased age.
3. A specified pursuit in which a person partakes: An activity can be an educational process or procedure intended to stimulate learning through actual experience.
4. The ability to take part in a chemical reaction: The students watched catalytic activity take place during their chemistry class.
5. A physiological process: An activity can refer to a bodily function, such as a respiratory activity.
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(Greek > Latin: to do, to exercise, doing; action, activity, practice; the opposite of theory; from the stem of prassein, "to do, to act")
(Latin: animating, enlivening; vigorous, vigor, active; to be alive, activity, to quicken; then a quickening action of growing; a specific sense of "plant cultivated for food, edible herb, or root" is first recorded in 1767; the differences between the meanings from its original links with "life, liveliness" was completed in the early twentieth century, when vegetable came to be used for an "inactive person".)
(Latin: liveliness, activity; active strength; feeling strong)
(a suffix which forms nouns that refer to people who regularly engage in some activity, or who are characterized in a certain way, as indicated by the stem or root of the word; originally, which appeared in Middle English in words from Old French where it expressed an intensive degree or with a pejorative or disparaging application)
(Greek: struggle, a contest [in war or in sports], to contend for a prize; physical activity, rigorous self-discipline or training)
(Latin: winter, wintered, wintry; it also refers to: sleep, sleeping; inactive, inactivity; dormant, dormancy [suspended animation or a lack of activity])
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electrodermal activity therapy
A type of biofeedback therapy in which sensors attached to the palm of the hand or palmar aspects of the fingers are used to monitor sweat output in response to stress.

It is used in the treatment of stress, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

pulseless electrical activity, PEA; electromechanical dissociation
Continued electrical rhythmicity of the heart in the absence of effective mechanical function.

It might be caused by the uncoupling of ventricular muscle contraction from electrical activity or it might be a result of cardiac damage with respiratory failure and cessation of cardiac venous return.

solar activity
A term for variations in the appearance or energy output of the sun; usually associated with the variation of sunspots and other features over the eleven-year solar cycle.
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