phyto-, phyt-, -phyte

(Greek: a plant; growth; growing in a specified way or place; to produce)

archaeophyte (s) (noun), archaeophytes (pl)
In botany, a plant that existed in prehistoric times: Archaeophytes were introduced to a region by peopled and became adapted to the area before 1500 C.E..
asomatophyte (s) (noun), asomatophytes (pl)
A plant in which there is no distinction between body and reproductive cells: For Ben's research project in botany, he was hoping to catalogue several examples of asomatophytes from the local park.
asymphytous (adjective), more asymphytous, most asymphytous
Pertaining to being separate or distinct; not grown together: The toes of the rare specimen were asymphytous and therefore it was unable to swim.
atmophyte (s) (noun), atmophytes (pl)
An epiphyte that obtains water by aerial assimilation over its entire surface: Bromoliads, air plants, various ferns, and some orchids are atmophytes because they grow on trees or other plants, but derive their nutrients and water from dew or from the humidity in the atmosphere.
1. A free-living plant growing on or in another plant.
2. A non-parasitic plant growing, or living, within in a hollow cavity in another plant.
A plant capable of synthesizing its own food from simple organic substances.
Relating to organisms (as green plants) that can make complex organic nutritive compounds from simple inorganic sources by photosynthesis.
benthopheustophyte (s) (noun), benthopheustophytes (pl)
Any large plant resting freely on the floor of a lake but capable of drifting slowly with the currents: While scuba diving, Jim could view the benthopheustophytes and how gracefully they swayed with the flow of the water.
benthophyte (s) (noun), benthophytes (pl)
Any kind of plant that exists at the bottom of a body of water or in the bed of a river: Janet wanted to have an aquarium where she could plant benthophytes and watch them grow.
benthopleustophyte (s) (noun), benthopleustophytes (pl)
Any living plant that thrives and drifts freely on the surface of a body of water: Amy watched the benthopleustophytes floating on top the large lake close to where she was camping with her friends.
1. A plant that feeds on other living organisms.
2. A parasitic or predatory plant; or plants that get sustenance from living organisms.
A reference to a plant consuming living organisms.