phyto-, phyt-, -phyte

(Greek: a plant; growth; growing in a specified way or place; to produce)

petrodophyte (s) (noun), petrodophytes (pl)
Plants that grow on rocky banks or long areas of land with sloping sides of stones: Jane and Joe had a wonderful time walking among the boulders and seeing all of the petrodophytes that were growing there.
petrophyte (s) (noun), petrophytes (pl)
Plants that grow on or among rocks and are suitable for "rock gardens": Sue was known to have a beautiful area of boulders in her backyard with a variety of petrophytes blooming with all kinds flowers.
petrophytic (adjective), more petrophytic, most petrophytic
Descriptive of vegetation which grows on stoney areas or poor soil: Not only canĀ petrophytic plants survive in rocky desert regions, but also in shrub-steppes, which have just enough moisture to maintain perennial grasses.
1. A perennial tree or shrub with dormant buds borne on aerial shoots.
2. A perennial plant with its resting buds located well above the ground and exposed to the air.
A plant that provides physical support for another plant growing on it, but does not provide nourishment; commonly found in tropical forests.
A plant with very long roots reaching a water table and which absorbs water from the permanent water table.
Relating to, or referring to, a plant that absorbs water from the permanent water table.
phytioplankton (s) (noun), phytioplankton; phytioplanktons (pl)
The small oceanic creature that floats by means of cysts or bladders: Martin was amazed that some plankton, as the phytioplankton, use their vesicle or other body sacs to stay afloat and drift on the surface of the sea or ocean water.
Feeding on plants or vegetable matter.
Any substance that is produced by plant tissues in response to contact with a parasite and specifically inhibits the growth of that parasite.

The term was originally defined with regard to fungal parasites only, but in 1956 it was extended to cover all parasites [According to the Oxford English Dictionary].

phytobenthos (s) (noun) (no pl)
The aquatic flora of the region at or near the bottom of the sea: Plants or algae that flourish at the lowest areas of a lake or ocean are termed phytobenthos.
Botany, particularly the life history of plants.
Living within plants; applies to some protozoans.
phytochemistry, phytochemical
1. The chemistry of plants, plant processes, and plant products.
2. The chemistry of plants and their metabolic processes.