(Latin: through, across, over; beyond, by means of)

perflate (verb), perflates; perflated; perflating
To blow air into, or through something: Thomas perflated his straw and expelled any substances that were in it.

It is also possible for a dentist to perflate a cavity in a person's tooth in order to remove any substances before continuing the filling process.

1. To make a hole or holes in something.
2. To make a line of small holes in paper to make tearing it easier.
3. To penetrate or pass through something.
4. Dotted with small holes.
Having a hole or holes, especially a row of small holes.
Making a hole or holes in something.
1. The act of boring or piercing through a part.
2. A hole made through a part or substance.
3. The act of punching a hole; especially, a row of holes as for ease of separation.
4. A line of small holes for tearing at a particular place.
One who, or that which, perforates or makes holes in something.
perfume (s) (noun), perfumes (pl)
1. The odorous fumes or vapor given off by the burning of any substance, especially by such things that emit an agreeable odor; such as, incense: "Who's wearing tht spicy perfume?"
2. The volatile particles, scent, or odor emitted by any sweet-smelling substance; the fragrance diffused by a liquid scent, exhaled by flowers, etc.: "Those roses perfume the whole garden."
3. A substance, natural or prepared, that emits, or is capable of emitting an agreeable odor; a fluid containing the essence of flowers or other odorous substances; scent.

Originally applied to a diffuse sweet-smelling odor when something was burned.

4. Etymology: from Latin per-, "throughly" + fumus, "smoke"; literally, "thoroughly smoked, full of smoke or vapor".
perfumer (s) (noun), perfumers (pl)
Someone who makes and/or sells compositions of sweet smelling products.
perfumery (s) (noun), perfumeries (pl)
1. The preparation of pleasant smelling fluids or the business of a person who produces such fragrant odors.
2. A place of business where pleasing aromas are sold in bottles.
In a set manner without serious attention.
1. Negligent performance; carelessness.
2. As a formality only.
3. Hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough.