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A term that refers to dramatic sequences.

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actus curiae
Act of the court.

Used in law.

actus Dei
Act of God.

More literally, a “driving” or the “moving forward of God”. Used in legal terminology to refer to any phenomena; such as, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, falling trees, hail storms, etc.

The greatest of all perplexities in theology has been to reconcile the infinite goodness of God with his omnipotence. Nothing puts a greater strain upon the faith of the common man than the existence of utterly irrational suffering in the universe.
—Walter Lippmann
Actus non facit reum nisi mens est rea.
The act does not make a criminal unless the intention is criminal.

A legal maxim.

actus purus
Pure act.

Thomas Aquinas’ conception of God as pure act, without matter or form.

Per actus conamine.
You attempt by doing it.
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actus reus (AK tuhs RI yuhs)
One component of a crime or any overt act that accompanies the intent to commit a crime; such as, pulling out a pistol in front of a convenience store clerk while robbing the store is an actus reus or an overt act.

Drawing plans of a bank floor layout while conspiring to rob the bank would be an overt act in furtherance of the criminal conspiracy.

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