-ous, -ious, -eous

(Latin: full of or having the qualities of; in chemistry, a suffix denoting that the element indicated by the name bearing it, has a valence lower than that denoted by the termination -ic; as, nitrous, sulphurous, etc., as contrasted with nitric, sulphuric, etc.)

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Anxious or nervous to an excessive degree.
perfidious (adjective), more perfidious, most perfidious
Characterized by guilt or violating trust, loyalty, or allegiance; basely treacherous: A perfidious friend told a robber where precious coins were hidden in Isaac's house.
Disloyal and untrustworthy.
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Untrusted and not loyal.
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1. Involving exposure to very great danger; full of or involving danger: "Fears of a system-wide banking failure have receded, but we are still in perilous waters."
2. Involving or full of grave risk or peril; hazardous; fraught with danger.
3. Etymology: in use since about 1290, from Old French perillous, (French périlleux), "dangerous, hazardous"; which came from Latin periculosus, from periculum, "dangerous".
pernicious (adjective), more pernicious, most pernicious
1. A reference to causing great harm, destruction, or death: Tabitha is going to get revenge on the man who insulted her with a pernicious act that will hurt him very much without him knowing who did it.
2. Descriptive of being very wicked, dangerous, or harmful in a way that is neither easily seen nor noticed: There are some people who do pernicious things to others either for the fun of it or simply to get a thrill out of seeing them suffer.
3. Etymology: from Latin perniciosus, "destructive", which came from pernicies, "destruction, death, ruin"; from per-, "completely" + necis, "violent death, murder".
That which is destructive or causes severe injury.
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Something that causes great harm.
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Descriptive of being deadly and evil.
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Relating to doing evil and harm.
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1. Clearly expressed or presented; easy to understand.
2. Being clear and comprehensible or clearly expressed and therefore easily understood.
pervious (adjective),more pervious, mostpervious
petrous (adjective), more petrous, most petrous
1. Pertaining to the hard part of the temporal bone in the head that has the internal auditory organs: In her anatomy class, Sharon learned about the petrous part of the skull which surrounds the middle and inner ear and is as dense as a stone.
2. Something that resembles or is like stone: There are petrous characteristics that apply to something like metal or other similar material that does not dent, scratch, or bend easily.
pluvious (adjective), more pluvious, most pluvious
Characterizing or relating to heavy rainfall: One dark and pluvious evening, Carol sat next to the fireplace reading her book with her cat on her lap and enjoying the sound of raindrops falling against her living room window.
1. Containing, producing, or acting as a poison.
2. Filled with or creating malice, distrust, or hostility.
ponderous (adjective), more ponderous, most ponderous
1. Pertaining to difficult and laborious movements: Lloyd was making ponderous, or slow moving steps, because he was carrying a very heavy box of books into another section of his apartment.

The tourists saw the groups of elephants making their ponderous ways across the plain in Kenya.

2. Referring to something that is very thick and heavy: Kim tried to carry the ponderous bookcase down the stairs by herself and she slipped and broke her arm and badly bruised her leg.
3. Relating to something that is slow and difficult to accomplish: Victoria spent many ponderous hours cleaning the mud and debris from the flood waters that got into her basement.
Very large or extremely dull.
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portentous (adjectives), more portentous, most portentous
1. That which gives a sign or a warning that something which is usually undesirable or bad is going to happen rather soon: "She had a portentous dream that she was going to slip and fall down on an icy sidewalk and break her arm."
2. Arousing awe or amazement or trying to seem important, serious, or impressive: "The politician spoke in a portentous tone about the future of his country."
1. Occurring after someone's death; for example, a posthumous child is one who is born after the death of its father or mother.
2. Something which is published or printed after the author's death: "His book was a posthumous publication."
Publishing posthumously proves dead men or women do tell tales.