-ous, -ious, -eous

(Latin: full of or having the qualities of; in chemistry, a suffix denoting that the element indicated by the name bearing it, has a valence lower than that denoted by the termination -ic; as, nitrous, sulphurous, etc., as contrasted with nitric, sulphuric, etc.)

Only a small number of the hundreds of examples are presented because there are just too many to include at this time.

1. Delightful; wonderful; completely enjoyable.
2. Conferring glory: "The basketball team had a glorious victory."
3. Full of glory; entitled to great renown.
4. Brilliantly beautiful or magnificent; splendid: "We had a glorious spring day."
1. Gluelike, gummy; sticky.
2. Having the properties of glue or having a sticky surface.
gracious (adjective), more gracious, most gracious
Characterized by charm, good taste, courtesy, and generosity of spirit: Susan sent a gracious note of thanks to her aunt for the birthday present.
gratuitous (adjective), more gratuitous, most gratuitous
Relating to something that is neither necessary nor appropriate: The film that Janet and Bill saw was criticized for its gratuitous violence.

The flood victims are greatly indebted for the gratuitous help of the nearby towns.

Something given that is not appreciated.
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grievous, more grievous, most grievous (adjective forms)
1. Being extremely serious or significant: "The group made a bad financial investment and suffered grievous losses."
2. That which is very bad or severe: "The soldier suffered the most grievous wounds possible and yet he still survived."
1. Pertaining to a hermaphrodite or a pseudohermaphrodite.
2. Applied to those flowers and plants in which the stamens and pistil are united in one column, as in orchids; said also of the stamens.
halicolous (adjective), more halicolous, most halicolous
A reference to a plant living in a habitat with a high salt content: Susan saw a TV documentary about halicolous vegetation thriving in a saline environment.
halophilous (adjective), more halophilous, most halophilous
Referring to organisms that exist in saline habitats; halophilic: Hlophilous plants and animals cannot thrive, or have an extreme difficulty to survive, in the harsh environment of the Dead Sea, which has a salinity of 34% in 2011.
1. Marked by agreement in feeling, attitude, or action: "It was a harmonious group."
2. Forming a pleasingly consistent whole; congruous: "The room had such harmonious colors in its decor."
3. Exhibiting accord in feelings or actions.
4. Having component elements pleasingly or appropriately combined.
5. Pleasant to the ear; tuneful; melodious.
heliophilous (adjective), more heliophilous, most heliophilous
In biology, a reference to the existence of plants and animals in sunlight or under conditions of a high intensity of light: A heliophilous situation occurs in some desert organisms that have adapted to both strong sunlight and to drought.
herbiferous (adjective), more herbiferous, most herbiferous
A reference to plants that produce a special kind of vegetation: There are herbiferous flavors and aromas that are related to various types of plants that are either used for medicine or those which give flavors to food.
horrendous (adjective), more horrendous, most horrendous
1. Significantly unpleasant, frightening, or shocking so as to provoke trepidation: When the drivers were suddenly in the thick fog and smoke from the brush fires, they knew they were in a horrendous situation.
2. Very large, great, or high, often unreasonably or excessively so: The horrendous economic conditions around the world are causing all kinds of demonstrations against governments and businesses.
3. Hideous; appalling; shockingly dreadful: As a result of the hurricane, the horrendous destruction had torn the neighborhood apart.
Dreadful, frightful, and horrible.
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Dreadful and fearful.
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humorous (adjective)
1. Intended to be amusing and to make people laugh; being witty.
2. Full of, or characterized by being funny, comical; or by being facetious: "Originally the word humorous referred to a person's humors, or moods."

"A medieval book on medicine might include descriptions of humorous illnesses; however, these were not joke sicknesses. Now when people born after 1700 say something is humorous, it means they think it's funny and that it no longer indicates being sick as it was in its original usage."

hygrocolous (adjective), more hygrocolous, most hygrocolous
A reference to organisms living in moist places.