ophthalmo-, ophthalm-, -ophthalmia, -ophthalmic, -ophthalmos

(Greek: eye; sight)

Relating to the blood vessels of the eye.
An eye disease caused by vitamin A deficiency, marked by dryness and ulceration of the conjunctiva and cornea.

If untreated, it may cause blindness.

An ocular, or eye, scar.
Inflammation, or burning sensations, of all the eye structures or tissues.
A tumor situated near the eye.
periophthalmia, periophthalmitis
Inflammation of the connective tissues around the eyes.
Incision of the conjunctiva of the eye to overcome congestion of conjunctival veins.
Ophthalmia caused by intense light, such as an electric light, rays from a welding arc, or reflection from snow (ophthalmia nivialis).
photophthalmia, photo-ophthalmia
Ocular inflammation; especially, of the conjunctiva, due to intense light.
1. Marginal inflammation of the eyelids with ulceration.
2. Inflammation of the eyelids of sufficient severity to cause local areas of tissue necrosis; blepharitis ulcerosa.
suppurative endophthalmitis
Septic inflammation of the uveal (part of the eye) with pus formation.
A congenital defect in which the two orbits merge to form a single cavity containing one eye, its origin evidenced by fusion of the right and left optic primordia (first trace of an organ or structure), and in which the nose is absent.
A congenital defect in which the two eye orbits merge to form a single cavity containing just one eye.
Inflammation caused, or excited, by the presence of a foreign body in the eye.
1. Abnormal and severe dryness of the surface of the cornea and conjunctiva (mucous membrane that lines the inner surface of the eyelid and the exposed surface of the eyeball), which may occur in pemphigus (acute or chronic skin diseases characterized by groups of itching blisters), vitamin A deficiency, or certain autoimmune syndromes.
2. A dry and thickened condition of the conjunctiva, sometimes following chronic conjunctivitis, disease of the lacrimal apparatus, or vitamin-A deficiency.

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