ophthalmo-, ophthalm-, -ophthalmia, -ophthalmic, -ophthalmos

(Greek: eye; sight)

A reference to a condition of having abnormally small eyes.
1. A condition in which both eyes are abnormally small but otherwise normal.
2. Microphthalmos; developmental defect causing moderate or severe reduction in the size of an eye that is otherwise normal; a nanophthalmic eye is very hyperopic and prone to angle-closure glaucoma.
The absence, or loss, of one or both eyes.
ophthalmagra (s) (noun) (no pl)
Sudden pain in an eye or eyes: All of a sudden Arthur felt a pain in his left eye, and after an examination made by the ophthalmologist in his town, he was informed that he had a condition of ophthalmagra.

Ophthalmagra can be a gouty conjunctivitis or ophthalmia.

Pain in the eye or eyes; also, oculodynia.
1. Surgical excision of an eye.
2. Enucleation or the removal of an eyeball from its orbit.
1. An inflammation of the membranes or coats of the eye or of the eyeball.
2. Inflammation of the eye; especially, of the conjunctiva and surrounding area.
ophthalmiatry, ophthalmiatrics
1. Medical treatment of the eyes or ocular diseases.
2. A reference to ocular therapeutics.
Inflammation of the eye or eyes.
ophthalmoblennorhea (s) (noun), ophthalmoblennorheas (pl)
A discharge from the eye.
ophthalmocentesis (s) (noun), ophthalmocenteses (pl)
The surgical drainage of the eye or eyes.
Inflammation of the tendons of the eyes.
1. An instrument for viewing the interior of the eye by transmitted light.
2. An instrument to examine the interior or the retina of the eye by transillumination.
Tremor or oscillatory movements of the eyes.
An instrument for determining the pressure in the ophthalmic (eye) arteries.

The device is placed against the conjunctiva of each eye; that is, the thin clear moist membrane that coats the inner surfaces of the eyelids and the outer surfaces of the eyes.

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