meter-, metro-, metr-, -metrical, -metrically, -metron, -metric, -metrist, -meter, -meters, -metry, -metre

(Greek: measure)

An apparatus for measuring drops.
An apparatus used in the measurement of the curvatures of the thorax.
An instrument for measuring the intensity of auscultatory sounds.
1. An instrument used for the detection of sweating.
2. An instrument utilized for measuring the amount of perspiration.
1. A reference to having a similarity in size, shape, and a relative position of corresponding parts.
2. Affecting corresponding parts simultaneously; such as, certain diseases.
1. Descriptive of being characterized by or exhibiting symmetry; that is, well-proportioned, as a body or whole.
2. A reference to being regular in form or arrangement of corresponding parts.
1. A compulsion to have symmetry; that is, a balanced and harmonious arrangement.
2. A need to have everything balanced or symmetrical, often part of an obsessive-compulsive neurosis.
symmetrophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
A strong dislike of symmetry: An individual, suffering from symmetrophobia, may have the compulsion to rearrange furniture so that end tables are not exactly the same distances from a couch, or identical lamps are not positioned at equal distances from a chair or couch.

There may also be a compulsion to rearrange pictures on a wall in a random manner rather than in a row or equal intervals from each other.

symmetry (s), symmetries (pl)
1. The corresponding arrangement or balancing of the parts or elements of a whole in respect to size, shape, and position on opposing sides of an axis or center; congruity and harmony.
2. The elements of beauty in nature or art that result from balanced arrangements and balancing.
3. In biology, regular arrangement of parts or organs in an animal body so that a division will give halves corresponding in shape, size, function, relative position, etc.; similarity of structure.
4. Synonyms: agreement, conformity, harmony, order, parity, proportion, regularity.

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