meter-, metro-, metr-, -metrical, -metrically, -metron, -metric, -metrist, -meter, -meters, -metry, -metre

(Greek: measure)

A device for determining the density of a precipitate (a solid that settles or sinks in a solution) by the degree of translucency of a fluid containing it.
solarimeter, pyranometer
1. General name for the class of actinometers that measure the combined intensity of incoming direct solar radiation and diffuse sky radiation.
2. An instrument used to measure the combined intensity of incident direct solar radiation and diffuse sky radiation.

It operates by comparing the heat produced by the radiation on blackened metal strips with that produced by a known electric current.

1. An instrument used to measure the curvatures of surfaces or spheres and curved surfaces; such as, a lens.
2. An instrument for determining he degree of curvature of a sphere or part of a sphere; especially, of optical lenses, or of the tools used for grinding them.
sphygmodynamometer (s) (noun), sphygmodynamometers (pl)
sphygmomanometer (s) (noun), sphygmomanometers (pl)
An instrument for measuring blood pressure, particularly in arteries.

The two types of sphygmomanometers are a mercury column and a gauge with a dial face.

The sphygmomanometer in most frequent use today consists of a gauge attached to a rubber cuff which is wrapped around the upper arm and is inflated to constrict the arteries.

The sphygmomanometer was introduced in 1889 by the Italian physician Scipione Riva-Rocci (1863-1937).

The American physiologist Joseph Erlanger (1874-1965) studied the principles of sphygmomanometry and devised a recording sphygmomanometer.

The word sphygmomanometer was put together from the Greek sphygmos, "the beating of the heart" or "the pulse" + manometer, "a device for measuring pressure or tension".

sphygmometer (s) (noun), sphygmometers (pl)
sphygmotonometer (s) (noun), sphygmotonometers (pl)
sphygmoviscosimetry (s) (noun), sphygmoviscosimetries (pl)

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