memor-, memen-

(Latin: memory, remember, thought; retaining and recalling past experiences and information; capacity to store information; ability to recall or to recognize previous experiences; recollection; retention)

memorandum opinion (s) (noun), memorandum opinions (pl)
1 A brief opinion of a court that announces the result of a case without any detailed discussion and which is usually unpublished and cannot be cited as a precedent.
2 An opinion of the U.S. Tax Court that is ordered not to be published but which is authoritative as a precedent,
3. An opinion of a judicial court that sets forth the court's views or intended decision in a case but does not constitute a final judgment.
memoria in aeterna (Latin phrase)
In eternal remembranc: The headstone that Stella chose for her grandmother's grave was to include memoria in aeterna, or. in everlasting memory.
memoria technica
Any mnemonic device or aide-memoire, especially a technical device.
memoria technica
System of memory.

A mnemonical system or use of mnemonics.

memorial (s) (noun), memorials (pl)
memorialize (verb), memorializes; memorialized; memorializing
memorize (verb), memorizes; memorized; memorizing
To learn something so well that a person is able to remember it perfectly; learn something by heart; to commit to memory: Henry memorized his speech before delivering it on TV.

An actor and an actress usually memorize their lines for the various scenes of a drama for an audience or even for movies.

memory (RFID)
The amount of data that can be stored on the microchip in an RFID tag.
memory (s) (noun), memories (pl)
memory block
Memory on the microchip in an RFID tag is usually divided into sections, which can be read or written to individually.

Some blocks might be locked, so data can't be overwritten, while others are not.

The lower level of microprogram control memory, in which the nanoinstructions are stored.
odi memorem compotorem
I hate a drinking friend with a memory.

Recognition that we are apt to speak imprudently while under the influence.

RAM memory
Random Access Memory memory

Etymologically related "forget, forgetfulness" word families: aletho-; letho-; oblivio-.

Related "memory, remembering" word families: mne-; reminisc-.