(Latin: suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing act, state, quality, property, or condition corresponding to an adjective)

1. The ability of a substance to flow; flowing easily.
2. The quality of being capable of flowing; that quality of certain bodies which makes them impressible to the slightest force, and by which the parts easily move or change their relative position without a separation of the mass; a liquid state; as opposed to solidity.
3. Having or showing a smooth and easy style; graceful: "The extreme fluidity of the situation has made it impossible to predict the outcome."
formality (s) (noun), formalities (pl)
1. Something that is said or done as required by law, custom, etiquette, etc.: Before she could go to her sister’s wedding during her working day, June had to go through the formalities of finishing the documents that had to be completed on that day and her employer said the others could be done at a future time.
2. The situation of being conventional, serious, and reserved: As a teacher, it is important to be correct, polite, and possess proper formalities when interacting with students.
3. The necessity or specification of custom or etiquette: At the birthday dinner, the guests abided by the formality of waiting until everyone had been served before beginning to eat.
The state of being ceremonious.
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fragility (s) (noun), fragilities (pl)
1. Anything that is easily shattered, broken, or damaged.
2. Something that is lacking in substance or force; flimsy.
fumosity (s) (noun), fumosities (pl)
1. The quality of being full of fumes or vapors.
2. The flatulent quality of various articles of food; the heady quality of wine, etc.
3. Ill-smelling breath; smell of food or drink in the breath.
4. A vaporous exhalation from anything or the volatile part given off from a mineral or something similar.
futurity (noun), futurities (pl)
1. The possibility that an event is going to take place: The futurities of the sports events are expected next month.
2. The quality or condition of something happening in a later time: In the English language futurities may be expressed with "will" or "shall" in verbal expressions.
3. The afterlife: Some religions promise eternal life in futurity.
4. A situation or event that will take place the next day or at some later date: Manual's skills in computer programming remain more of a futurity than a current reality.

Last Sunday's preacher, Mr. Greg, urged his congregation to change the way they live today, instead of looking for some undetermined or vague futurity.

Benjamin said that one of these days he should go back to see his friend Royce, but futurities were so uncertain that he didn't know when he would be able to meet him.

Also called "futurity race" which is horse racing that is usually for two-year-olds, in which the entrants are selected long before the race is run, sometimes even before the birth of the foal.

The state of being gelid or very cold as a result of being in a cold environment.
1. Willingness to give money, help, or time freely.
2. A pleasingly large size or quantity.
3. A generous, kind, or noble act.
1. The condition of having a humpback.
2. A hump or gibbus, as the deformity of Pott's disease.
Spherical; globular.
grandiosity (s) (noun), grandiosities (pl)
The condition of being pompous or pretentious: The politician spoke with considerable grandiosity, frequently gesticulating and raising and lowering his voice for effect; however mostly he sounded insincere and artificial.
gratuity (s) (noun), gratuities (pl)
An amount of money that is given to a person; such as a waiter or waitress, who has performed a service; a tip: A 15 percent gratuity was automatically added to the restaurant bill.
A tip for services.
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A return for a favor or service.
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The condition of being pregnant.
The projection of a particle's spin vector in the direction of its momentum vector, being positive if it points in the same direction, and negative if it points in the opposite direction.

Helicity is in effect the handedness, or chirality, of the spin of a particle.

historicity (s) (noun), historicities (pl)
1. The state or fact of past events being authentic.
2. Based on or concerned with events in times past: "The writer tried to confirm the historicity of certain costumes, weapons, actions, etc.".
To record in or as history.