(Latin: suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing act, state, quality, property, or condition corresponding to an adjective)

facility (s) (noun), facilities (pl)
1. A space or equipment necessary for doing something: The sports facility in Monica's town is quite good because it includes an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and tennis courts.
2. An establishment set up to fulfill a particular function or to provide a particular service: Normally medicalĀ facilities are available in most places so people can go there to see a doctor about their illnesses or injuries.
3. The capability to do or to learn something very skilfully and easily; a natural talent or gift: After practicing the piano for just a week, Mildred showed her facility of playing a variety of musical performances for her teacher and classmates.
An easy way of doing something with skill.
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fallaciousness (s) (noun) (no plural)
Including or involving deception and so being false or delusive: The fallaciousness of the religious leader's predictions disturbed many members of his group.
1. Feverishness.
2. The condition of having a fever or of being feverish.
fecundity (fe KUHN di ti) (s) (noun), fecundities (pl)
1. Physical reproduction or the capacity for bringing forth young ones: One man and his wife had an abnormally large fecundity of children as illustrated in the image below.
2. The faculty or power of being fruitful with material things: There is a fecundity of animals, plants, etc. and of immaterial things; like words, wisdom, power, etc.
3. The intellectual results of a creative imagination: There is a fecundity of various forms of writing in abundance; such as, in newspapers, magazines, books, correspondence, etc.
4. In biology, the power or quality of producing offspring rapidly and in large numbers: There is one fecundity that exists in nature which is the ability to produce mature, fertilizable ova or eggs, and to cause them to become living creatures.
A great fertility for having children.
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Do you know why the man is asking the father about "going broke buying cigars" based on the many children that he has?

  • In some places; such as, the United States of America and Cuba, when mothers gave birth to babies, the fathers traditionally handed out cigars to friends and family members announcing that a new child had been born.
  • This tradition may still be practiced in our modern times; however, now it usually happens after the birth at a party celebrating his or her being a new baby.
felinity (s) (noun), felinities (pl)
The quality of having an adult kitty-like disposition or having the typical characteristics of the kitten species: Natasha, the actress, was often told she possessed a felinity, especially in the quality of her voice and in her subtle movements.
1. Female nature or characteristics.
2. Effeminacy, unmanliness.
1. The quality or state of being female.
2. The personality of a woman; a female person.
3. A female trait or peculiarity.
4. The quality or nature of the female sex; womanliness; womanishness.
The quality or state of being feminine; womanliness; referring to a woman, womanish.
The quality or condition of a woman; womanliness.
The character or disposition peculiar to a woman; womanliness, womanishness.
femininity, feminity
Feminine quality; the characteristic quality or assemblage of qualities pertaining to the female sex, womanliness; in early use also, female nature.
fertility (adjective), more fertility, most fertility
1. A reference to the existence of animal species and plants: Generally, the fertility lives of animals and plants in arid regions is not as plentiful as in wetter areas.

Is it possible that there are more fertility results among animals when they are not harassed by hunters?

2. The capability of a plant, animal, or the mind to produce something; such as, an idea or to reproduce its kind: The emergence of the new art that blends traditional art and science proved to be the fertility concepts inspired by new discoveries in science.

Many cultures have chosen to judge the worth of its women by their fertility conditions and their ability to produce children.

filially (adverb)
A reference to or relating to a generation or the sequence of generations following a parental generation: "Black hair filially followed generations of women in the family."
finality (s) (noun), finalities (pl)
Something which is settled, ended, and can no longer be continued: There was a finality to the sound of the door being slammed as Loretta walked away from the argument with her unpleasant husband.