(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

vandalist (s), vandalists (pl) (noun forms)
Anyone who goes around with the intention of maliciously destroying property: "The police are looking for the vandalists who broke into the house and tore the place apart."
A collector of vans.
Someone who rides a three- or four-wheeled machine driven by the feet and hand levers at the rear or front axle.
A collector of beadwork.
1. Someone who is concerned with the study and treatment of venereal disease.
2. A person who studies diseases or who is a specialist the diagnosis and treatment of such illnesses that are communicated by sexual intercourse.
An entertainer who makes his voice appear to come from a dummy, or of a person, or an animal.
verbalist (s) (noun), verbalists (pl)
1. Someone who is experienced and skilled in the use of words, often at the expense of good ideas and reality: James loved to go to dinner parties where he could show off his expertise as a verbalist, and it didn’t matter to him if he had anything worthwhile to say!
2. A person who pays too much attention to mere words rather than concentrate on facts, feelings, and ideas: Becky just ignored the significant topics at hand and talked about nothing, and, as a terrific verbalist, used wonderful and impressive expressions!
3. Etymology: from Latin verbum, "words."
The person who utilizes mere words instead of facts or ideas.
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A collector of vases.
vexillologist (vek" suh LAHL luh jist) (s) (noun), vexillologists (pl)
A person or those who study and research information about colors: The vexillologists met to share their knowledge about the many ancient and other historical bannerets that have existed throughout the centuries.
vexillophilist (s) (noun), vexillophilists (pl)
Anyone who has a special interest or fondness for flags of all kinds: Apparently vexillophilists have strong desires to collect all kinds of banners because of their shapes, designs, colors, and representations from the earliest times until the present.
vicambulist (s) (noun), vicambulists (pl)
Someone who strolls or wanders around on a street.
vicinist (s) (noun), vicinists (pl)
A person (or people) who is a member of the same community as someone else or as other people are: Tom and Trish were vicinists who lived in a well-to-do district or vicinity with other members of their families and friends.
viniculturist (s) (noun), viniculturists (pl)
A hearty, excessively "manly" person; one who makes a cult of conventional masculine virtues.