(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

A collector of signet rings.
Someone who takes short day trips instead of traveling long distances via aircraft, trains, driving vehicles, etc.
Someone who practices the art of writing in cipher.
Someone who records or transcribes (material) with a stenotype machine.
stigmatist (s) (noun), stigmatists (pl)
A person whose body is marked by religious marks resembling the wounds of the crucified Christ.
Someone who can develop and execute an effective strategy, especially for winning a war.
A collector of owl forms or figures.
subsist (verb), subsists; subsisted; subsisting
1. To remain alive, usually at a very low standard of living: With a very minimum wage, Thomas was sure he could still subsist and be able to buy the necessaries he needed for at least a week.
2. To stay in effect or being: Jill was hoping that peace would subsist between the two countries for a long time.
1. Someone who takes supreme authority for him/herself.
2. Someone who believes in the supremacy of one race, sex, or social group.
1. Someone who is skilled in the interpretation or representation of symbols.
2. Anyone who interprets or represents conditions or truths by the use of symbols or symbolisms.
3. A writer or artist who uses symbolic language, imagery, and the like to portray ideas, emotions, and attitudes; especially, any of certain French artists or writers in the latter part of the nineteenth century who rejected realism and used symbols to evoke ideas and emotions.
A collector of pairs of anything and everything.
1. Someone who is susceptible to hypnotic influences or suggestibilities.
2. The alleged transfer of feelings by one person to another person.
3. A reference to anyone who sympathizes with another person; a sympathizer.
A composer of symphonies .