(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

A specialist in eating and the study of eating or ingesting foods.
1. Someone who is skilled in pharmacy; a druggist.
2. An individual trained in preparing and dispensing medicines.
3. A person who is licensed to prepare and sell or dispense drugs and compounds, and to make up prescriptions.
1. Someone who is qualified by education and training to prepare and dispense drugs by prescription.
2. A person trained in pharmacy; a druggist.
3. Also known as chemist (British usage), apothecary (obsolete), pharmaceutist.
1. A person who makes a study of the actions of drugs.
2. A specialist in pharmacology.
A seller of medicinal drugs; a druggist.
phenomenologist (s) (noun), phenomenologists (pl)
A phenomenological philosopher.
philalethist (fil" uh LEE thist) (s) (noun), philalethists (pl)
A lover of or a fondness for truth: Tom's grandmother certainly was a philalethist because she always knew when he wasn’t being honest as a child; so, she put a great amount of emphasis on being truthful and sincere herself and expecting this from others as well.
A person who loves the truth.
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Someone who has a strong love or fondness for men (not mankind, but men!).
One who collects matchbooks or matchboxes or the collection of matchbooks.
phillumenist (s) (noun), phillumenists (pl)
Anyone who collects matchboxes and matchbooks as a hobby: As a phillumenist, Max was constantly looking for anything related to matches that are used for making fire with friction.

As a youth, Charles collected vesuvian (slow-burning matches formerly used for lighting cigars) and fusee (a friction match with a large head capable of burning in a wind) boxes and books; and then, as an adult phillumenist, he attended international trade shows with his collections.

Use of the internet has made it possible for phillumenists around the world to collaborate and to help new generations of phillumenists share a variety of lucifer-related (friction-match) items for their collections.

philobiblist (s) (noun), philobiblists (pl)
A lover of books.
philocalist (s) (noun), philocalists (pl)
Anybody who loves beauty or is fond of beautiful things.
philocubist (s) (noun), philocubists (pl)
Someone who loves playing with cubes which are usually made of plastic and have from one up to six dots on each of their six square sides: In the evenings after work, Jack, who was a philocubist, often played dice with his friends and he was so successful at winning that he even participated in dice tournaments! 
Someone who is fond of dice games.
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One who has a special fondness for trees.
philofelinist (s) (noun), philofelinists (pl)
Someone who has a fondness and a love for tabbies: Rene's grandmother is an example of a philofelinist who always had an abnormal number of alley cats, calico cats, and tomcats living with her.
Woman has an excessive fondness for cats.
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